Lancôme Teint Miracle 010: Review and Comparison with Diorskin Nude

As you might know, I've been looking for a really good foundation. My skin has a lot of redness and hyperpigmentation, and foundation makes a huge difference. Especially in the winter, when my skin is dry, pale and a lot less even than when I have a tan. I'm looking for a foundation that will make me look (more) flawless, but not caked in make up. Glowing, but not shiny. And I definitely want something that stays put without having to use primer, because primer dries out my skin too much.

About a week ago, I reviewed Diorskin Nude foundation 010 Ivory, and today I'm comparing it with Lancôme Teint Miracle 010 Beige Porcelaine. I had picked up a tester of the 005 shade, but that one was definitely too pale for me and left me looking sickly. Both the 005 and 010 shades are neutral, but the 050 feels slightly more pink-leaning to me, and 010 a bit warmer. Let's jump in!

lancome teint miracle review

Lancôme Teint Miracle is known for its beautiful medium coverage and velvety, dewy finish. As you can see, the product covers up the redness in my skin nicely, without taking its glow away.

lancome teint miracle foundation before after review

Obviously, on the left I'm wearing nothing but moisturizer, and on the right I've applied Lancôme Teint Miracle (using my fingers, by the way). Again: huge difference, and you see the Teint Miracle signature glow on my cheekbones on the right.

lancome teint miracle foundation review

And here is the foundation in a full face of make up, using my current favourite products:

- Sleek Face Form kit in Light (contouring and highlighting powder)
- Gemey Maybelline Volum' Express mascara
- & Other Stories eyebrow powder "4"
- Mac lipstick in Velvet Teddy
- Park Avenue blush "01" 

I love it! Soft, velvety, dewy, even: beautiful. However, I did notice some wear and shininess after a few hours, and the foundation looks a LOT better in these pictures than in real life. When I looked in the mirror after applying the product, I noticed that my face was just a bit darker than my neck, in a noticeable way. I hate that, a foundation that makes your face darker than your neck totally removes the glow that the product is supposed to leave on your skin. The pictures don't show it clearly, but zooming in does illustrate the colourline between my jaw and my neck, especially compared to the Diorskin Nude, which did match me perfectly.

diorskin nude foundation review lancome teint miracle

I actually put on both foundations, each covering one half of my face, to really compare their qualities after a few hours of wear. To sum up, positives and negatives of these two top notch foundations.

diorskin nude foundation lancome teint miracle review

As you can see under my eye and just next to my nose: the Diorskin Nude really gives my skin radiance. However, it is also more drying (compare the soft lines under my eye on the left to the absence of lines on the right), but not so much that it bothers me. Diorskin is also a bit more expensive, at 44,55€ versus than Lancôme Teint Miracle's 39,86€ (prices at Ici Paris XL). Seeing I'm just between shades in Lancôme Teint Miracle, I think I'm going to take the plunge and buy Diorskin Nude. I have to admit I've fallen in love with the way it makes my face look. If your skin is drier than mine, and if your skintone has a good match in Lancôme Teint Miracle's range of shades, I can absolutely recommend Teint Miracle as well. Both of these products are really good, better than the highstreet products I've used until now.

Hope this was helpful!


  1. I've been using Diorskin Nude for a year or so now, so this was really interesting to see it compared with the Lancome one. I find that ANY foundation is generally slightly drying if it has any hope at all of clinging to my face, so I can live with that. And can I just say how lovely your make-up is? Such a gorgeous shade of lippy on you, I might have to try that one next time I'm passing a Mac counter. P x

  2. Oooh I want to hear your thoughts on Diorskin Nude! What kind of skin do you have? What do you like best about it, and what are your complaints?

    I agree on the drying thing by the way, I don't mind a BIT drying because I like it when my foundation stays put (I don't expect foundation to moisturize my skin), but I hate it when a a product emphasizes the dry patches next to my nose and on my forehead.

    And Velvet Teddy is seriously the most gorgeous lipstick ever. I am completely in love with it. Perfect basic!

  3. Great review! I think the Diorskin really looks good on you, and now i'm thinking of buying it myself! x

  4. I definitely like the Diorskin better; the color looks better, and there's something about the finish that just makes it rise to the top. By the way, though, sans makeup you are still gorgeous. Seriously, I'm sure you know, but I have to gush for a minute: I have never gotten over how beautiful you are! Your eyes are AMAZING, and you have so much personality even through pictures.
    I wish foundation weren't so darn expensive. But I hope you're happy with the Dior Nude after a few weeks of wear!

  5. Thank you so much for this review! I have been looking for a good foundation for my sensitive skin for ages and haven't been able to find anything. Looks like I'll have to check both of these out. Also you apply your makeup so well, really make me want to try harder since I typically don't know what I'm doing, haha.

  6. supergoeie review! uit nieuwsgierigheid: heb jij jane iredale al eens geprobeerd? dat gebruik ik momenteel en ben wel eens benieuwd hoe dat vergelijkt met merken als dior en lancôme...

  7. nee! moet ik daarvoor langs bij parfuma?

  8. daar hebben ze in ieder geval zeker een uitgebreide counter (in de kelderverdieping) en superlieve schoonheidsspecialisten die tekst en uitleg geven. ik gebruik de tinted moisturizer en voor mij is dat genoeg dekking, maar ze hebben ook foundation en een bb cream...

  9. en heb je bobbi brown ook al eens geprobeerd? eender wat ik daarvan uittest, belandt daarna in mijn vaste ritueel - heb daar nu ook een mix tussen lipstick en -potlood gevonden that rocks my world.

  10. yes bobbi brown wil ik ook proberen, staat op het lijstje! lippotlood is zo'n onderschat product.

  11. well, practice makes perfect, and it helps that I really enjoy messing around with make up!