Reds, Whites, Two Cats and Nosepicking

Me and Paulien met up for lunch last week and took each other's outfitpictures: blogger friends are the best! They don't nag when you ask them to take your picture and they know what kind of pictures you need for your blog. And Paulien being an awesome famous international model, she obviously poses like a pro. Can't wait for the pics of her I took to go online. Until that day, here are the ones she took of me! I went retro-punky-preppy. Basically all the things I love thrown into one outfit. Yeay!

Red, white and fairisle socks: yep, I'm totally ready for christmas <3

Of course, I got my amazing sense of humor from my family. I don't think we can EVER walk past a statue at arm's reach on a family trip when someone DOESN'T pick the statue's nose. It's basically family law.

There were dozens of kittens (ok maybe five) running around at the béguinage when we dropped by this time (here are the pictures of last time), and these were adorably checking us out from atop a visiting car. Sweet!

And then I did a weird walk.

coat, socks: H&M
sweater, boots: ASOS
skirt: Think Twice/ T2 vintage
scarf: Pimkie
ring: Alex Monroe
backpack: River Island

PS: I made an appointment with the hairdresser to have my ends cut and bleached some more: I'm preparing my switch to Alpine Green tips!

Dream hair:


  1. I love plaid, I love red, I love berets. That's all :D

  2. LOVE the red on you and I SOOOO want some chelsea boots.

    C x

  3. I absolutely LOVE LOVE this. All the red, white and black is amazing together, the plaid skirt is such a great one. You look so gorgeous and I'm excited to see how the green ends turn out

  4. love the outfit- very cute ^-^ and that walk. damn it's seksy. those cats look like the ones next door to me, they keep jumping onto my housemates windowsill and scaring her :D

  5. Found your blog today via Ashley at Two Eyes In The Mirror.

    You are hilarious. And very stylish. I've been digging through your outfit posts and I adore your looks. These boots you're wearing here are fantastic and I need them.

  6. Lovely outfit! Your funny walk reminds me of my latest photoshooting :)

  7. I love her blog,I love plaid, love red...
    kisses in japan

  8. you look so so adorable! love how you went w/ so much red & the sweater & the beret. a perfect example of how "going all the way" is so great in style! the socks are darling too of course & i'm jealous you have blogger friends. mine usually just half-ass it when I ask for a quick outfit shot! also love the cats & the sillyness w/ statues : )

  9. You look superpretty, love this outfit! And yes, blogger friends are the besssttt (already counting on you for tomorrow ;);))

  10. Geweldige jas Ö En ik wil die schoenen Ö Die zijn echt zo mooi!
    En doen met dat haar! Ik zou het zelf ook willen maar durf niet XD


  11. Annebeth your blog always has the most cheerful and relaxing vibe.. and it's always full of great colors! Your red coat is gorgeous, and perfect for this time of year (I'm so in the Christmas mood too). I've got the candles and the music going.. gotta make the most of it! All the pics in this post came out really great, too- it is really nice to have a blog buddy take the photos for you because they know just how to do it right. :)

  12. GO GO ALPHINE GREEN! I'm going to the hairdresser too because my ends are sooo dead
    and afterwards the whole process of de-coloring starts over again! :) I love your photos, sooo happy! & your outfit and especially your boots! :)

  13. You are too cute, seriously love the outfit and the dream hair is AMAZING. And my family does the nose-picking thing too. Also i feel the need to get photos of me riding any animal statues which are ride-able

  14. Aww, you're adorable. You just seem like the most fun, bubbly, silly enjoyable person to be around. I wish I weren't all the way over here in Canada so we could hang out and silly together. I really love this outfit too, all the wonderful bright red. That sweater looks so chunky and warm too. You look lovely :D

  15. Found your post through lovely Paulien. You both look adorable and you both work the camera flawlessly :) but you, especially, are the cutest clown in front of the camera hhehehehe, you are adorable I swear. Gosh it looks cold in Belgium, winter is already there I'm guessing? By the way, may be following you in the ombre trend soon... I need new hair, I look absolutely horrendous and need a change xxx

  16. Holy crap, you're adorable. I love your outfit! Red is such a beautiful color, my favorite to wear! So naturally I'm in love with your coat. And I adore the Scottish vibe of your skirt! Your backpack is gorgeous too. And it's tricky to find a backpack that one would describe as "gorgeous." That is TOO funny with the statue! You're hilarious.


  17. Loving your red coat!! And your awesome walking poses of course =D Aaaah now I want to do my ends that colour!! I was actually considering it because we got some peacock blue dye to do my sister's ends but it was too dark for her hair, so I was going to use it, but then I changed my mind and I've dyed my whole hair (it feels weird to be all one colour again!!), might just wait a while!!

  18. Hi there, I'm so flattered that you liked this photo of me! (I'm the girl in the bottom photo.) Do you mind crediting the image with a link back to my site, It's legally required since the image is copyrighted. Thanks so much :) x

  19. I fixed it! thanks for providing me with the link :)