Big Door, Fall Floral

I have had a looooooooooong and tiring day and I just feel like eating peanutbutter out of the jar while watching dumb tv-shows with my blanket covering my legs, so that's what I'm going to do. While I recover some of my senses (and prepare for tomorrow's hair-restyling), here is an outfitpost. A summery floral dress made fall proof by layering it with muted autumnal hues.

This is how I tell my photo-taking-buddies where I want to be framed :-D

coat, scarf: Pimkie
dress: Mango
tights, socks: H&M
boots: ASOS
ring: Alex Monroe

PS: if you like my nails, I just painted them a grey-ish brown and blotted some silver over it with one of those cheap cleaning sponges.


  1. u schoentjes en blazer zijn echt geweldig!! Leuke outfit!!

  2. I love this kind of layering... it makes me think I'm right to bring back three white dresses from Canada in the middle of winter. ;) Plus, these muted but still autumnal colours are great for grey November.

    P.S. Just randomly scrolled down to the bottom of your blog and noticed that I'm visitor # 488, 488. Hehe.

  3. Wonderful shoes and skirt! Adorable

  4. Looks amazing! I love the way you layered everything up to make it perfect for autumn!

  5. SO cute, I love this summer dress with the thick sweater over it to make it more fall. The colour of that sweater and the scarf together is amazing. I love transitioning pieces into other seasons

  6. my nails are half silver, half gold right now :)
    love the white dress is wintry wear!


  7. wearing a spring skirt when it is colder is always tricky, but of course not for the styling dutchman. it looks fabulous and i love love the combination with the little bourbon, the sweater looks incredible with the skirt and it does not look too heavy

  8. Loving those boots...gosh it's starting to look really wintery dark in Belgium, love this time of the year over there :)

  9. You and your backpack make a cute couple :)