Lee Denim, Ultra Casual

You guys, this is probably as casual as I get: chunky sweater, basic skinnies, warm coat and some flat boots. Thank god I put on my pimpin' faux fur collar to inject some fancy schmancy into my get up or else this would be a snoozefest yo

Also, the background is pretty. Antwerp again, and below me runs the Waasland tunnel that  takes us from one side of the Schelde to the other. It's a strange feeling to be standing on such a calm spot when hundreds of cars are speeding by below your feet. Makes you think there could be, like, a civilisation of scary demons just a few feet down below the couch where you are sitting right now, plotting a world take over.... HA SCARY RIGHT

These pants are so cool, all chalky grey and dirty. I feel like a British rockstar in this outfit. A LAZY Brit rockstar.

coat, collar, sweater: H&M
jeans: Lee
boots: ASOS
sunglasses: Claire's
ring: Alex Monroe


  1. You look like a cool british rockstar! :D It's amazing how your outfit matches the leaves!

  2. Ooh yes, those pants are quite awesome! But I LOVE the sweater :D

  3. I am so in love with this sweater, it's gorgeous. Such a great casual look!! Very laidback rocker chic

  4. Luuuv it. Those jeans look great on you!

  5. Love everything...the chelsea boots, the skinnies, the fur, the sweater...literally head to toe. definitely wouldnt look out of place in an indie band! Oh and that photo of that girl you posted in your previous post..thats exactly my dream hair too. So you do yours first then tell me what colour you used and I will copy muahaha! :)

  6. Pretty pictures! Love all the fall pictures on your blog, makes every picture more interesting so no snoozefest at all :-D

  7. I love your coat and the faux fur! Also the rucksack is cool. Definitely no snoozing! xo

  8. ....and by ultra casule you clearly ment ultra awesome

  9. Look at all those leaves!!! WOW! Gorgeous pictures and very pretty look.