Super Seventies Overalls

This outfit is totally mega seventies and I love it. Fall is totally THE season for 70's garb! I don't wear these dungarees nearly enough. For some reason I always think they'll be hard to style, but the color and shape goes with nothing and everything at the same time. Kinda like leopard, bold pink or my dyed tips :-)

sweater, blouse: Pimkie
dungarees: Etsy, vintage
boots: Tim's
tights: H&M

And my minestrone soup totally matched my cozy seventies fall vibe, or at least I think so! :-D My boyfriend always makes fun of how my soup is more like pasta + sauce, because I always keep putting more stuff into it until it's really thick and chock ful of vegetables and pasta. Hearty and tasty!

I didn't post yesterday becayse I have been alternating loads of Zelda: Skyward Sword playing with working on my numerous University papers. A balancing act, let me assure you. If I wasn't as disciplined (ha!) I would be playing Zelda non stop. I haven't fallen in love with it as much as I did with Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker or Twilight Princess, but I am thoroughly enjoying it and I'm sure I'll fall for it hard after a few days. The controls are amazing. 

BUT I'll never love flying as much as I did the sailing in Wind Waker: boats and sailing are totally my major turn on. I've been loving books, stories, movies and videogames about fishing and sailing since I was a wee babe, no idea why, I have never even set foot on a sailboat! In fact, my blog name refers to my obsession in a way. The Styling Dutchman > The Flying Dutchman = a ship. Aye, I always say I want to be a pirate when I grow up, and I totally mean it.

Ah yes. Must be the Dutch blood running through my veins. The sea has a hold on me!


  1. I love your super 70s look! You definitely look like you could be partying in a peace and love type way ;) xx

  2. Haha ZELDA! I used to love that game, I haven't played it in years though :(
    And I LOVE this outfit, it is perfection!

  3. Beatiful girl, I like you look.
    Kisses in japan

  4. ZELDA FOR THE WIN! :D :) i love it.

    i also love that sweater!! xx

  5. love the combination of the sweater and that amazing blue colored overall! of course that you look beautiful in fall colors, so the boots could not be more perfect

  6. You look incrediblw.. and yum minestrone soup! xx