Yellow Polkadots and Creeper Desires

Another day, another side of my university. Sadly our own front door doesn't look nearly as picturesque: seriously, doesn't this look like something out of a fairytale? Maybe my imagination is just running wild again, it tends to do that from time to time.

Our fall is acting sorta crazy. I mean, I loved the indian summer we experienced a few weeks ago, but it is NOVEMBER now and it's still warm enough to go bare-legged. I am ready for tights and boots and coats by now y'all! I'm putting on socks and a sweater to have the feeling of layers but I was basically sweating my ass off.

I know I have been talking about stuff I want a lot lately but I guess that's the seasons changing, and I haven't really been spending a lot of money anyway (T2, you know) so I'm allowed to be materialistic once in a while! ANYWAY to get to the point: I've really been craving some platforms. Creepers a la Prada or something even more nineties a la what Robyn usually wears: I absolutely hope some of the shops pick up that trend so I can get some platforms of my own. I'm not sure as to how these will blend into my own style but I'm determined to make it work because they are so rad and weird!

first: prada, second and third:

Kinda insane but OH SO GOOD no? If you're not convinced, just watch the awesomeness that is Robyn prance around in platforms in her videoclips! We're not exactly style-twins but I think her style is the bomb-diddi-bomb-di-dang-di-dan
­g-diggi-diggi and I wish I could dance like her.

Thoughts? :-D

sweater, socks: H&M
socks, blouse: T2 vintage
boots: ASOS
ring: Alex Monroe


  1. Die creepers à la prada vind ik nog best wel leuk, maar van die 'echte' creepers vind ik maar niets (voor mij). Bij Robyn staat het inderdaad geweldig! Doet me denken aan haar dansmoves op Werchter, wat een optreden!!

  2. ik vind ze allemaal super maar ik vrees dat alleen die brogue creepers bij mijn stijl zouden passen... Robyn <3

  3. Gah, l love your sweater over the polka dot blouse and with the button up front skirt! So pretty. That`s crazy that its so warm there still, we`re supposed to be getting snow within the next week, snow from november-april sucks.

  4. You would totally pull off some creepers!
    I've been loving these from urban outfitters - (but shipping is kinda expensive to Australia, and I'm guessing Norway too)!

    P.S I love your blog, I just discovered it a couple of weeks ago and I'm slowly stalking my way through your archives.

    Hannah x

  5. haha how awesome, I always do that to blogs I love! I feel honored to be that blog to someone :D sadly, direct linking to UO never works, I just get the main page... boo! btw I live in Belgium :)

  6. Well if your interested they are called Deena & Ozzy Suede Oxford Wedge

    OMG that is so embarrassing! Sorry!

  7. It does look like a fairytale setting! Also, creepers, YES! Like oxfords, only slightly more badass. You could pull it off and then I could copy however you do it ;)

  8. Wow I love that door! I need one ;)
    And this outfit is wonderful as always, the sweater has such a great print :)
    And I totally love those shoes!!

  9. Love the "flatforms" as we've been calling them. :D I got a pair, these one's here:
    I can't wait to style them up! You look gorgeous and I love your setting as well.

  10. Oh girl I love platforms. Those hot pink ones are the bomb. You are looking mega fab. I love the boots and knee highs!

  11. Those socks are very cute with your oxford shoes. I'm loving the yellow top layered underneath your colorful sweater too.

  12. god those are amazing!! can't wait to see you in them!

  13. don't worry haha, I wish I lived in scandinavia! :-D and yes I absolutely dig those, but so expensive :(

  14. I adore the sweater!!

  15. Love those socks with the boots. And that sweater is awesome. I totally think you could rock those platforms by the way :)

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  18. The bubble gum pink creepers are amazing! Love them!

    I also really like your mixed prints and autumnal tights - very pretty!

  19. What a cute blouse :) love it! And the pink creepers are so cool, not my thing but would love to see some outfits with them :)

  20. I love the yellow collar peeking out from under your sweater! And the zigzag stitching around the buttons on your skirt. The little details are so awesome! And yes, that door DOES look like something from a fairytale. It's gorgeous!