Plaid and Floral

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Would you believe that I still have some outfits lying around from before I dyed my hair pink? I basically post one of the outfit photo sets I have lying around depending on what I feel like posting that night. Right now, I feel like posting this one! A schoolgirl kinda look centered around my green plaid dress since I love it and it has been ages since it was cool enough to pull it out of the c- to the loset! Haha, that wordplay totally failed 

I like how the bits of white in every piece pull my outfit together from head to toe. 

Today's styling tip:
You all know how much I love plaid, but I wanted to do a fresh take on typical fall plaid so I paired it with light colors and floral (belt and shoes). Try to put a spin on typical trends to make them your own! Nobody needs another magazine clone.

ALSO, T2 sales have started again and when I had a few minutes to waste before class I dropped by and totally lucked out: I have been dreaming of finding a good, affordable winter coat answering the following requirements:

 - hooded
 - toggle closed
 - and cute

Well, you already know what I'm working towards: I found a lovely duffle coat that fit me perfectly, filling all of the requirements, and it only cost me 14 euro!! GOD thrifting is the best thing in the world next to Peggy Olson and Pizzas.

dress, coat, bag: H&M
tights: Pimkie
shoes: New Look
belt: ASOS
ring: Alex Monroe


  1. a mix of so so many colors and still it looks gorgeous! i could never ever pull this off but this is so you! how insane can blue, green and brown look!

  2. This outfit is really cute, I love the plaid paired with that coat and the unexpectedness of the tights and floral shoes. It's so much fun to play with things and try unexpected combinations sometimes. I can't wait to pull out all my plaid items

  3. Hurrah for thrifting! I'm about a month behind in my own outfit posts, which is pretty funny because I'm posting stuff where the tree in front of my terrace is green-leafed, while it's in reality half-leafed with non-green ones. It's going to get really wonky once it starts to snow *shudder* I paired plaid with florals a while back too, it's fun, although I haven't posted that outfit just yet.

  4. I love your take on plaid! The dress is awesome, and I do love a green and blue combo. I can't wait to see your coat! x

  5. Aww you look beautiful, this outfit is so perfect for fall! I've always wanted this H&M dress but could never find it in my size, it's simple and cute and versatile. Love how you paired it with the schoolgirlish coat and the shoes and the delicate tights! <3

  6. HOW DO YOU FIND SUCH GOOD DEALS!!! Take me thrifting! I love love this look, plaid is amazing!

    Sparrow & Urchin

  7. ik ben echt verliefd op je jas en je jurk!!!

  8. Look how cute an innocent you look! Little do they know...

  9. Hehe yayyy for finding your awesome duffle coat!!
    and I love this outfit, you always have such fun looks =)

  10. I can't wait to pull out my cold weather plaid dresses:) I loved the way you put together the plaid with the floral accents!

  11. I adore your style I just cannot get enough of it!
    XX ilana

  12. Wauw! Dit is weeral een super look! ^^ En ik denk dat ik verliefd ben op je schoenen... :D
    (Btw: dank je voor je lieve comment van een tijdje geleden!!)

  13. The jacket is fantastic :-)

  14. Love that cute dress :) In dit geval staat je ombre haar nog beter bij de kleuren van de outfit ipv het roze haar :)

  15. your sailor inspired jacket is so lovely!

    <3 steffy

  16. Oh gosh I am in LOVE with your tights. They pull the whole outfit together :)


  17. What a great sense of style you have! I like your choices, especially the tights.

  18. I just love that jacket of yours! The way you styled that green plaid dress is so cute too. The light-colored tights and oxfords work so well with it.