Rusty Sweater

A perfect transitional outfit for school today: rusty, earthy colors and layering. I absolutely love my River Island dress and how it works in more casual outfits. It's too obvious to wear dresses all girly and pretty, I prefer to style them as if pants weren't an option for me as a girl and I had to wear skirts and dresses for normal, everyday activities that would require pants in our modern day and age. Makes me feel all 50s-60s and stuff! Am I even making any sense? I put way too much thought in random things. Anyway, perfect way to make cutesy dresses more wearable: put on a more classic or androgynous sweater/cardigan and some comfortable, fun flats. 

I also absolutely adore the shade my pink dip dye has right now: the color has faded into a lovely salmony pink-orange that looks very subtle and natural. As if normal blond hair had gotten a pink hue due to chemical shiz in a pool or something, RIGHT? I have ordered two new shades (a dark pinkish red and a green-blue hue) and I just want to keep trying stuff out. It makes every outfit a bit more quirky, especially when I wear sweet dresses or preppy outfits. I love how my hair allows me to express my personality more: I AM weird and a bit rebellious, not just a sweet girly girl.

My friend Brenda and me took these pictures on campus, in one of the prettier parts of our university. I love this place so much.

dress, flats: River Island
sweater, watch: ASOS
trench: H&M
bag: Zara
ring: Alex Monroe

PS: this sweater is a total recommendation. I bought it in two colors at ASOS and I love it to bits: thick and pretty knit, but in a cotton yarn so it isn't too warm for the transitional season.


  1. another selection of beautiful photos!! l

  2. This is so cozy and it!

  3. die eerste foto vind ik super. en wat een leuke plek om naar school te gaan!

  4. your dress is so pretty and I love your jumper.
    I took pictures at my university when I first started blogging but now I really want to drag someone down to take pictures of me there again!!

    Charlotte x

  5. ah yes I totally agree! I keep searching high and low for sweaters that are shorter because it works better with dresses but it's so hard to find them :(

  6. Hihi, zo grappig op school!
    Leuke outfit, love your shoes.

    Love, A.

  7. i love the sweater layered over top! it is such a gorgeous color!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  8. O-M-G where do I sign the transfer papers? Your university looks gorgeous, my campus only looks dull and city-like. And you look like the perfect college girl with a twist! (The hair - duh!)

  9. Pretty dress, pretty sweater, pretty you : ) I am in total agreement on the dress philosophy... I think it's one of the reasons I try not to have too much floral print. I like flowers well enough but really don't want to be always channeling this ├╝ber sweet and feminine thing... I like to look like I have a wee bit of tomboy in me (without getting dirty or anything, haha)

  10. Your University looks so beautiful! I love how you styled the dress here.

  11. That's the exact reason I dyed my hair purple, albeit very briefly! I don't value my hair all that much, so I'm actually surprised it's not been every color of the rainbow. Sometimes I feel quite prim or too girly in a particular outfit, but colored hair gives it an interesting edge, no?


  12. I love the rusty sweater & it looks great in combination with your pretty dress! :)