Plaid, Denim and Toggle Coat and Blog-Hating

So this is what I wore to class last week, on Friday to be exact. No reason to talk about the items as, well, there isn't a real story behind them that I haven't told you guys yet recently, and you don't need me to tell you this is a plaid shirt, now do you? HA! 

My face looked les dorky in real life. At least I hope so. I'm one of those people who look hella tired if they have to get up early, even if they slept like 8 hours. I'm pretty sure my lifetime (ok just 20- odd years) of owning multiple cats has poisoned me with their need for sleep and laziness. THANKS A LOT CATS

I'm such a weirdo.

Have any of you read that GOMI blog-hating-blogs yet? It always saddens me when I see how much some people thrive on negativity. I don't get it: sure, some things annoy me. I don't like every blog out there. In fact, I think some bloggers wear fug outfits. However, I am aware of the fact that my opinions, ideas and tastes are completely arbitrary. There isn't some universal standard as to what is pretty/stylish/fashionable/whatever, so who am I to judge? Why would I be so cocky as to think the whole world wants to know about me hating x or y? Opinions are like assholes, you know. Everybody's got one. Yeah I know that saying is way overplayed but it's totally true.

I don't get why someone would start a blog just to spew hatred on other people, let alone how a blog like that attracts so many haters-on. Turns out, once again, negativity is more popular than positivity. It might be a very unoriginal comeback to call all the haters jealous, but most of the time they are. Basic logic: if you don't like a blog or the stuff a blogger wears, you just shouldn't follow the blog as the internet is HUGE and you are bound to found something you DO like. However, if you keep coming back just to be annoyed at how fug the blogger looks, you are probably doing so because you somehow feel as if this particular blogger doesn't deserve the popularity. Hence -> jealousy. Lemme break it to ya: you are not the boss of the internet/good taste, and you don't decide what is good or bad.

As someone who has had negative periods of time in her life (yes I was a bitchy teenager once, thank god I grew out of it), let me tell you: life is so much more rewarding and satisfying if you just ignore the things that bother you or put the stupidity of your frustrations in perspective by thinking about the fact that you are probably hurting someone by bitching about them. Sure, bitching can be fun, gossiping with friends is a popular guilty pleasure. But when you go out of your way to publicly bash someone, does the "fun" part really weigh out the "I'm probably really hurting someone now" part? And no, just saying that "they should know that by putting themselves out there, they are asking for judgment" doesn't entitle you to anything. If someone gets hurt, you are still responsible, whether you want to be or not.

My tips: grow out of it, put yourself in the other person's shoes, ignore the annoying offender if she/he isn't hurting you personally and start focusing on the positive things in life. Heck, I might just start reading some Chicken Soup for the Soul books or call my Age of Aquarius enthousiast mom on the phone just to balance out all the bitchiness I have read over there. Positivity for the win!


 coat, shirt: T2 vintage
skirt: Zara
boots: Texto
tights: H&M
belt: Boyfriend's
ring: Alex Monroe


  1. oh my love the combination of the boots and the skirt! insane and so pretty! the length of the boots are just perfect!
    my point of view! it is very easy to create a blog where you write dirt about somebody else! it is not very original and it is just taking the easy way! oke, this lady can write small posts! but the bashing of what i wore is just insane, she hates her personally! and the gets sponsored too, so she does not say no to money!
    but we all know that it is so so easy to gossip! you have an immediate conversation and everybody wants to join the conversation! it is a very very very intriguing process, very intriguing!

  2. I agree. Reading all that negativity over there just truly made me sad about the motives of some people. I don't understand why they would devote all that energy on it. I also thought it was incredibly ironic/funny that they write the following statement in their "about" section: If you are just being made fun of and are pissed off about it, please click the X on the upper right hand side of your browser.

    I mean seriously? Talk about following your own advice. They should just do the same damn thing - if they get so f*cking pissed off from reading blogs they don't like that they have to create and devote and entire webspace to it, they should have clicked that upper right X box in their browser a long, long time ago.

  3. So happy the stupid situation with GOMI gets some attention finally. It's so depressing to see other people getting their happiness from bashing other people. Don't they see this feeling won't last very long? They should really try to channel their energy into positive remarks, and helping people etc. But who am I to tell others what to do? Just hope they'll grow up someday..

    On the outfit; I think your coat is amazing! And the fact that it's vintage, makes it even more special. I went to T2 for the first time last saturday, and I really love it! Such a fun store. And of course, your smile completes this beautiful look ;)

    x Jonas

  4. I need to go to T2! Maybe when I go to Belgium sometime! :) I love your shirt and coat, they're amazing.

    I totally agree with you, people just should stop with the bitching, nothing else to add, you just wrote the right stuff, that's why I like your blog (not only because of the outfits!).

  5. What kind of fail is het trouwens om een blog te beginnen over het feit dat je een hekel hebt aan blogs? Wtf? Ik hoop dat de persoon in kwestie uiteindelijk iets leuks vindt om zijn of haar leven mee te vullen. Ik vind je laarsjes zo mooi!

  6. Ugh, I so agree. I stumbled upon that blog the other day and it made me quite sad (I wrote a post about it too). It just astounds me how mean some people are. I have definitely done some bitchy things in my past that I'm not proud of, but to start a blog that is about hating on other people? I can't even fathom that. It literally makes me feel ill.

    In happy news, you look adorable. I love this coat so much! Wear it everyday, yeah??

  7. I find GOMI pretty amusing. But if you look at it one way, at least they're not getting into our business and screaming profanities on our blogs. Meaning, they have their own vessel (GOMI) where they vent and act all bitchy, instead of, for example, posting offensive or negative comments on so-and-so's blog to stir up drama. In that perspective, that's a much smarter way to be negative. But they should be spending their time being productive instead of being so hurtful. Positive for the win.

  8. I can't believe that blog! It's so hateful and unnecessary! And if they hate blogs so much, why have they started one? Pot calling kettle black? ;-D
    Anyway my dear! Once again you look adorable and smiley! I appreciate your honesty and your integrity in this post!
    I always view my blog with pride and embarrassment in equal measure! It's funny taking photos of yourself skipping about in pretty clothes and I often feel pretty silly doing it...but they opportunities the blog has provided me, and the people I have met are just undeniable plus points! I'm proud I've built it up from nothing, and I put al ot of time and energy into making it as good I feel I can.

    I do however still get embarrassed when 'real life' people (like work colleagues etc!) read the blog and talk to me about it! Ha!

    I'm sure there are much more love bloggers out there than hate bloggers!

    Love Kerry of Yours Truly, x

  9. i love your outfit!! and i totally agree with your comment about cats lol :) and also about the hating, its so immature and rediculous and makes me wonder how these people even have the time to express their hate for bloggers. :(


  10. I say: this outfit is super cute and positivity rules!

    Virginie ♥

  11. Loooove that skirt and your boots!! :D
    Wow I hadn't heard of that blog...that's just horrible! I don't get it either, I used to have this girl who could come back to my blog every day with a negative comment, what's the point? If you don't like my blog stop visiting it! People really are mean buttfaces sometimes...GAH!! I want to punch the owner of that blog in the face

  12. Ooooh love your boots! I hate blogger negativity, if you don't have something good to say then why say it at all?

  13. I don't even like to talk about that blog because I think that gives it more attention than it deserves. What really bothers me is how many viewers that blog has. With out a community of support, how long do you think a blog like that would last? So sad someone wastes their energy with that.
    You look lovely by the way. Seems like a fun country outfit but girly. The denim and plaid are great together.

  14. Lovely! I adore the toggle coat, once again. CUTE SKIRT! AHH!
    Jeez. I had no idea that a blog making fun of other blogs existed. I just don't understand this either. Ugh it drives me crazy.

  15. Wow, I had never heard of that site before but after spending a few minutes looking over it, it's so ridiculous!! Why would someone put so much energy into hating on someone else? It takes a lot of guts to "put yourself out there" like a blogger does and of course we're open to not everyone liking what we have to offer but to sit there and tear these people down? What does this person gain from that. So disrespectful
    I love this outfit, you had me at plaid :) it's such a great skirt too, the pockets!! You look sooo cute

  16. you shouldn't worry about feeling ridiculous taking pictures of yourself: you aren't hurting anyone with it, you're just creating something for lots of people to love. That is about as ridiculous as cooking a lovely dinner if you ask me :)

  17. So I just meandered on that blog and jesus!! Why do people insist on being so bitchy and childish. It's quite alarming that people use that blog as a forum (possibly for hours a week) just to comment back and forth over how lame/ugly/stupid...etc. a blogger is.

    Anyways, I love your outfit:)'s that for a subject change? I think it's really cute and reminds me a bit of a stylish cow girl.

  18. you have just opened my eyes to the perfect combo-- plaid and denim. it looks incredible! and UGH i hate blog haters. we all like what we like and if you dont like something theres no point in sharing the mean-ness!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  19. Positivity for the win indeed! On that note, you looks wonderful in this outfit! And you don't have a dorky face geez, you're beautiful with gorgeous eyes and an amazing smile. Silly lady.

  20. It's like that saying: if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. It's kind of sad that negativity attracts so much more attention and so many more followers than positive things, but with a blog like yours around to remind us that positive is better than negative, I think we can make a change.
    I love your blog and your rants (and your pretty clothes). You're one of my favorites!

  21. I totally agree. I don't understand why people are purposely negative when there is no need for it. Just DON'T look at that blog. I stop following blogs that annoy me or wear everything that's free. That's my personal opinion and I'm not going to start a blog to hate on them. Thanks for your always inspiring writing and outfits!

  22. That hate site is so sad, a real cry to attention. I think it's sad that so many people answer her bitchy posts, now she gets what she wants.

    Beautiful coat and I love the color of your nailpolish. xo

  23. I don't think it's about jealousy, it's more a love-to-hate thing. There's a few magazines I hate, but still end up buying from time to time. Because there's something addicting to the whole process of craving, reading, despising. I don't mind negativity, it's a good source of humour most of the time. I have to admit that GOMI is vicious beyond belief, though, and I understand why people take offense. I guess the only thing to do is being the bigger woman.

  24. When it's a-personal like with a magazine it's still the same type of mechanism: you buy it again just to remind yourself of how bad it really is, to ask yourself why this shit is getting made and why people keep buying it since you don't think it deserves the attention. Pull all of that into a personal context and what you basically get is jealousy, if you ask me. Yeah, I'm a total Freud in my downtime. :-D

  25. Ha, you make me laugh (about the cat weirdo thing) and you look so lovely! I wish I could pull off a look like this. But I guess you gotta stay true to your style! Love it though :)

    And I actually agree with everything you have just said. I have never understood hate comments etc. It's like on youtube, when people leave comments on videos like "oh my god this band is so shit" - why would you even waste your time commenting if you didn't like it? Jeeze, just move on!

    Great post :) x

  26. Ik had er van gehoord vind het echt walgelijk!! Maar inderdaad jaloezie! Wel leuk dat je iedereen er is over laat nadenken!

  27. Wow, I'd never heard of this before. I couldn't agree with you more- everyone has their own opinions and I don't get why people feel the need to express so much negativity, especially in a blog- not only a huge waste of time for them but so hurtful. Guess they don't have much doing on in their lives. I really liked your little take on positiveness too, and you know what, your positive outlook really does always shine through in your pictures! I certainly don't consider myself the most positive person in the world, but I am working on it at least, and fortunately for me my guy will just straight say "I don't like when you're so negative," causing me to step back and realize that even if no one else will find out, my bitching is bringing me down as well. I should note though that this applies to my "real" life and not blogs, I def follow the simple "x out" method if I don't like a blog and remember the hard work that can go behind blogging. In the end, a blog is like a book, it wasn't written/created for just one reader; can't please everyone every second.

  28. Oops got so distracted on that rant I forgot to say- what an adorable outfit! I love how you use your existing wardrobe to make such totally fall looks (remembering this skirt in summer again) & that coat & top are just great! Oh & backpacks, rock it! Seriously, WTF who decided that shit on their site about backpacks? I find all they posted totally cute but if I didn't, oh well, backpacks are convenient/handy/way better for your shoulders w/ heavy stuff.

  29. don't worry about the hater blogs, at some point they are fun to read but readers would soon leave them if the comments get too much personal. love this outfit
    Great Post
    Always following

  30. I agree. . .I usually just ignore people or I don't follow their blogs if I read that stuff. They are entitled to their opinions as I am. I think blogs that are strictly about negativity like that are awful though and I worry for the people and why they have so much bitterness and such.