Crossing Cemetery

Last week my guy and me went to get some waffles. One of our national worker's unions was selling fresh baked waffles with whipped cream so we were DOWN for that shiz. The place they were selling the waffles at was just at the other side of our town's center so we just crossed the cemetery grounds to get to the waffles. When we had put our order down we were told to wait 10 minutes while they were preparing our waffles, so I dragged my boyfriend down to the cemetery to take ma picture! I wish I could say waffles alllllll day long

I really love our cemetery, it tickles my Halloween fancy.

I bought these tights at H&M because I love orange and the Missoni-esque print isn't half bad either, but I find them surprisingly hard to style. Today's outfit is a bit chaotic but in a nice-ish way, no? Could be better, could be worse. I do love the rainy cemetery setting.

I wear this coat way too much, don't I?

coat, tights, scarf, satchel: H&M
sweater, skirt: T2 vintage
boots: vintage

PS: I already posted this pic but here is one of the waffles! <3


  1. waffles waffles waffles!!! now i want some!

    you make me really excited for coler weather in this outfit! i love all the different textures, colours and patterns here. and the cemetry is a great place for photos! x

  2. Ooh me likey the mix of prints and textures! That cemetary is so cool! I wish I had someone to take my pictures so I could go to fun locations =)
    and mmmm waffles!!!! I had some for lunch...but they were of the frozen variety

  3. Ohhh I love those tights sooo much. All the mixing of patterns here is sooo good. I love the location too.

  4. I love your coat and colourful scarf.

  5. No pictures of the waffles?? Was hoping for some food porn at the end hehe. I like the '70s collegiate vibe of your outfit and all the patterns mixed together give it a contemporary spin. Cute!

  6. The waffles sound so yummy. I really love settings like this because there is nothing like that here in San Francisco and it reminds me of my travels to England and Ireland. Beautiful!

  7. My boyfriend and I always seem to end up in cemeteries for outfit shoots, I'm not quite sure what that means! Love your outfit, the colours are perfectly autumnal!

    Cat xxx

  8. mmm, waffles! What a lovely coincidence that your tights and the leaves look so lovely together! Autumn is beautiful.

  9. kvind die overdadige mix van prints je net heel goed afgaan! die kousen zijn echt super!! en ja, ook wel een beetje jaloers op de wafel ^^ x

  10. i love this outfit!! now i need to dig out my navy coat!!

    Charlotte x

  11. i love your scarf and all of your lovely fall colors!!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  12. I dig all the mixed prints, it's like a snuggle print-pile. And those tights are awesome, although I can see why they might be a bit difficult to style. Why must you tempt me so with yon waffles?

  13. Yum that waffle looks so delicious. I want one!
    Also, I enjoy the mixed prints in this outfit. Those tights are very cute and unique.