Almost New Year's Eve

I won't be able to post on New Year's Eve as I'll be spending my night with some dear friends, my sis and her beau and of course the light of my life, my lovaboy. We shall be cooking a multi course meal (everyone brings something and in the end it all comes together!) consisting of sushi, asparagus soup, roast beef + potato croquettes and home made apple pie with chocolate milk after which we will be getting shitfaced via champagne. Yep, we've planned it alllll meticulously. We're all dressing up and getting prettified. The dresscode is "SEXY GLAMOUR" (caps required).

Don't worry, I will be taking pictures to share my night and outfit with you guys! 

But in the mean time, here is an outfit to keep you inspired (ha!). Just a mess of warm layers really from before I dyed my hair blue. Still have some lying around.

sweater, tights, hat: H&M
skirt: made it meself!
socks: River Island
boots: Texto
scarf: Pimkie
ring: Alex Monroe

Have a good one! Drive safely!

Blue, Leopard, Pink

 coat: Zara
jumper, leggings: H&M
boots: Sacha

Three of my favorite things the last few days are my new pink boots and blue hair, and my old leopard coat. They make me want to go be a semi-depressed mall rat and a rebel at a supermarket or something with my cool existential nineties punk friends and visit a rave that plays really loud Nine Inch Nails music when my shift ends and get into drug-related problems, THAT'S how rad I look. And at the end my character hooks up with an older guy! Oh wait, done that already.

Oh don't look at me as if you never imagine yourself to be a character in a movie! I do it all the time. I actually wore this outfit to go grocery shopping, subtlety and me don't travel in the same circles.

My Hair's Got the Blues

Dudes, Christmas is over so it's time for a new haircolor.  Those who follow me on twitter, tumblr or facebook already saw some of these pictures, but it ain't official until it's on tha blog! Christmas tree green is SO last season. I'm planning on working towards red gradually, but if you mix the remnants of my green hair with red you just get muddy brown. Soooo I'll get there in stages, and the first stage is blue! Yep, another color Katy Perry and me share. I really love it, it's subtle and shiny and reminds me of a starry night!

What do you think? GOD ombre hair is the best for experimenting <3 For a step by step explanation, just check out this post where I show you how I did my pink ombre hair but substitute the pink for this neon blue. Voici!

Label. Photoshoot

dress, tights: Pimkie
coat: Think Twice vintage
boots: Doctor Martens
beret: old

Notice my AWESOME make up? I'd like to say I learned to do a professional face overnight, but I'm not nearly that dexterous. No, my awesome lady-boss from the internship that turned into more called in all of Label. magazine's contributors for a photoshoot. And professional make up was part of the deal, as were glühwein, Christmas carols and cookies! 

We had a lovely afternoon, and Stéphanie and me popped out for a bit to take outfitpictures. Much hilarity ensued when we did our best to find the ugliest/awesomest Christmas themed front door, which we did:

Everything about this picture is perfect.

After my lovely day, my boyfriend and me went into town to enjoy sushi. The restaurant we were planning on visiting was closed, but due to a stroke of luck we ran into Paulien TWICE and she directed us towards her fave sushi place, Sushi Palace. And boy, were we glad she did. Amazing.

Antwerp is so lovely this time of year.

Milkbraid Christmas

I've never met a holiday I didn't enjoy dressing for. I love a good themed outfit! I'll let you guess what inspired this look (tip: it has something to do with the most wonderful time of the year).

dress: Zara
cardigan: New Look
tights: H&M
boots: Texto
belt: Pimkie
beret: Think Twice vintage

White like snow, red like Rudolph's nose and green like holly: Christmas through and through. See my fancy hairdo? I've noticed my hair being ALMOST long enough to do a proper milkmaid hairdo if I start my braids just above my ears, yeay!! My boyfriend thinks it makes me look like Princess Leia but I take that as a compliment because bitch is fierce.

Every Christmas, town officials set up a nativity scene in the town center. I don't care that much for the Jesus, Mary and Josef statues, but I LOVE the donkey, calf and sheep  that join them on Christmas eve and the first day of Christmas. We always go by to visit, pet and feed them carrots. My fave is Barney, the donkey <3 He's such a cuddly sweetheart! Of course we had to take a picture and share because this is the digital age.

Yeay! I promise I'm almost done milking Christmas, I just love it so much! :-D

PS:  did you like me on fb yet? :-D

Pink Boots and Christmas Eve

dress, belt: Pimkie
cardiga, tights, socks: H&M
boots: Sacha

I'm tired and stuffed and thoroughly content watching The Sound of Music (the "favorite things" scene is playing, my fave!) for the umphteenth time, but I couldn't wait to share my Christmas eve outfit, Christmas present and some of the lovely food we've been munching down, so here I am! 

I usually hate wedges, especially the beige gummy kind like the one on these ankle boots. However, when these raspberry sorbet pretties caught my eye I was in love: NOTHING could make these boots better than they are right now. The bright color and shape remind me of Swedish Hasbeens or something Robyn would wear, two of MY favorite things!


Also, when grocery shopping I spotted some Christmas decorations and my guy let me pick out a piece as another tiny present, since I'm always on the lookout for unique decorations. And this is the AWESOME piece we brought home. Brace yourself for epicness.

No words needed.

Let us end with a look at the bites of food we enjoyed: hors d'oeuvres and the entrée (puff pastry filled with goat cheese and honey). After these we had lobster bisque, fillet of sole with fries and apple pie. Safe to say I was bursting at the end of the evening.
Also, a pic of my adorable, messy haired boyfriend <3

We still have some pie left. I think I'll grab me a piece. Tell me what you had on Christmas eve, and what presents you got!

PS: you can see a tiny bit of dark blue on my ends, I tried the Neon Blue Directions dye on a strand and I love it. I'm probably going for blue tomorrow.