White, Pink and Grey Kell Chelsea Boots

shaggy faux fur coat: Ebay - Fair Isle turtle neck sweater, pink drThese boots, AMIRIGHT? I love them so incredibly much.ess: H&M - grey Chelsea boots: Kell via Zalando

Pictures by Nathalie

These boots, AMIRIGHT? I love them so incredibly much. I've said this like a bajillion times before, but when I shop I basically always search for the perfect version of a few select silhouettes and items that make up my dream wardrobe. Pointy toe, high shaft ankle boots with a mid height block heel are one of those items (along with, for example, boxy oversized knits and menswear inspired coats) and now that I've found these babies, I might just seize the search for a while.

Boots such as these go with EVERYTHING, seriously. Skinny jeans, mini skirts, midi dresses, all the things all day errrday. Expect to see them on my feet a lot, I've already photographed three outfits with 'em and I only received them last Tuesday.

I've had an emotionally draining weekend so on one hand I'm eager to start the work week and put everything behind me, while on the other hand I could definitely do with one extra day off to get my head straight again. How was your weekend?


  1. Oeh, die laarzen zijn inderdaad erg mooi!
    Hopelijk voel je je snel beter, en vergeet niet om wat tijd voor jezelf te nemen als het nodig is!

  2. Heel leuke outfit! Super combinatie van kleuren en die jas is geweldig é ;)

  3. Sorry about your weekend, maybe those awesome boots can cheer you up? ;)

  4. Mooie combinatie, weeral. Hopelijk kan je uitkijken naar dit weekend!
    Naomi, x