Family Christmas Party at Casa Dutchman

Another holiday party down, two more to go! Yesterday my mom, sis, her boyfriend, my brother and his family came over to spend the day together and eat some lovely food. We had a great time as I hope these pictures will illustrate :)

I finally got my pom poms up (after messing around with the strings and height and placement for AN HOUR)! Sorry for the crappy smartphone picture, I'll be sharing some better shots (and tips if you're contemplating this yourself) soon! They added a great, cozy, festive atmosphere to our living room. SUCCESS

My awesome brother, sister and me. My relatives bring some eyebrow A-game as you can see.

Skyping with our eldest brother over in the US of A, making fun of each other (I think this was taken right after my sister's one eyed penis impression) and feeling like he's part of the celebrations despite being separated from us by an ocean.

Kitty wants to be a baby.

Proud parents with my strong willed nephew.

Most beautiful picture of my sis and me EVER, taken with flash in very dark conditions, believe it or not! Naomi taught me to dim the flash on my camera which totally makes indoor flash photography acceptable. Stop the anti-flash prejudice, people.

PS both of us are wearing Selected jewelry. The gold looks uh-mazing against my sister's blue hair, and the Pia necklace has been on my neck non stop ever since I got it so expect to see a lot more of it.

Me, my dude and the snazzy red patent faux-snakeskin phonecase I got him ages ago. Boyfriends with tacky flipcovers = best thing ever.

Annnnd another one of my and my sis because my hair looks great in this shot and I am not above shameless self promotion.

Concluding with foodporn because everyone loves food, right? And a main course of butternut squash/spinach lasagna + pavlova for dessert = major droolage. I literally licked my plate after finishing my serving of pavlova and I wish I could eat it everyday.

Do you get together with your family over the holidays?


  1. So many happy faces! En ja, awesome eyebrows (ok, ik ben vooral fan van die van je zus).

  2. blauwe eyebrows > any other eyebrows

  3. Lovely as always! And Pavlova is just dessert heaven!
    Naomi's hair is just epiiiic!

  4. Oh, zo'n leuke en warme post, Annebeth! Ik hou van die kleine kijkjes in uw leven :) En die pomponnekes zijn schoooooon!

  5. Och, ik wist niet dat ge uw flits kom aanpassen? Zalig!! En schoon pomponnekes, en duidelijk een geslaagd kerstfeestje! Nog een fijn eindejaar, Annebeth!