Buying Gifts for Boys: Cadeaubox

Yesterday started perfectly: I got my Cadeaubox in the mail! Well, not entirely perfectly because the mailman rang the doorbell just as I was washing my hair, and that shit stresses me out because for some reason I always think there's an EMERGENCY1!!1!!11!!!1 going on when the doorbell rings. So I ran downstairs in my fluffy pink bathrobe, hair dripping all over everywhere, only to see that the mailman had simply put the parcel in our mailbox (DUH MAILMAN THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO Y U RING MY BELL). Which was kind of annoying, because I like to relax 100% when I'm in the bathroom. No disturbances plz.


I'd been looking for a cute gift to surprise my boyfriend with, because guys are notoriously hard to buy presents for. Or maybe I just suck at buying them gifts, but it's kind of like every guy out there is similar to some distant cousin you only know from facebook: you see they 'like' a page about Modern Family, so you buy them a box set of the first three seasons, you know? That's what guys are like to me. It's like they have a very particular set of (mostly expensive) interests, so you have to make do with either the interests that are more affordable, which always leads you in the same direction (CDs, DVDs) or buying them something they "need" (a scarf, underwear, a belt). But buying and giving presents should be FUN, damn it!

And no, this is not me being a gender essentialist bad feminist: it's not like guys are BORN hard to buy presents for, but they are molded into picky little "when I want something I just buy it for myself, so the only presents you can give me are gadgets" assholes by society! Just so we're clear.

Good gifts for dudes: a crown. Bitches love crowns.

So this time I wanted something different and went for a cadeaubox Ciné and Diner: flick and food, as you might call it. Basically, this means I can pick one of the participating restaurants and one of the participating cinemas, and treat my guy to a night on the town combining dinner and a movie. I had some trouble picking the perfect Cadeaubox, going back and forth between a wellness center with massages and fancy shit and this dinner+movie one, but the deal was sealed when I saw that Salon 58 was one of the participants. I mean: French/Japanese fusion in the ATOMIUM?? Sadly, I just noticed that this particular restaurant isn't available anymore (JUST MY LUCK), but I'm sure we'll find something else to our liking.

In previous years I've given the dude-people in my life:

  • DVD-boxes (Game of Thrones, Battlestar Galactica),
  • books
  • mouse mats (custom printed with his favourite reality tv star, Temptation Island's Rowena ofc)
  • scarves (my dude is really into tactile sensations like softness)
  • underwear
  • hardware
  • funny t-shirts (don't look at me like that, it was way funny!)
  • perfume
  • toiletries
  • belts
  • and one of those nodding dog figurines 

But seriously, what do you buy for your boyfriends/brothers/fathers? Or if you're a dude: what would you like to get as a present? There's a way fun list of suggestions up on btw, might help you out.


  1. Ik vind het echt een heel gedoe om voor mijn vriend iets te kopen! Zoals je zelf zegt "kijken wat hij liket'' op facebook doe ik ook soms :D maar bijvoorbeeld DVD's en CD's moet hij niet hebben want hij download dat allemaal. Dan valt al een reeks van miljoenen opties al weg.. Bovendien zegt hij ook dat hij nooit iets nodig heeft dus dat ik niets moet kopen want AHJA DAT GA IK ZEKER DOEN :D. Ik heb dit jaar voor hem een sushiboek gekocht omdat hij dat echt graag doet en meermaals heeft laten vallen dat hij daar geen inspiratie in heeft en dan voor derest the usual dingen die hij nodig heeft (riem, trui, ...). Als hij geluk heeft in de zin van 'ik heb op dat moment genoeg geld' dan geef ik een citytrip of zoals jij een combo van iets :). Sabrina, x.

  2. ZO HERKENBAAR, serieus, waarom maken ze het ons zo moeilijk? :D