Merry Christmas: Decorations

Hi everyone! I know, it's barely still boxing day and here I am with some very late merry Christmas wishes. However, you shouldn't look a gifted horse in the mouth, ye ungrateful brats (lulz just kidding)! Here are some pictures of the decorations that are showering us in holiday spirit these days. My fave is the mega hyper multicolour Christmas wreath. Oh, and of course the Christmas tree that looks like a vintage toy store barfed all over it.

I have been enjoying downtime with my family, watching Robbie Williams' One Night at the Palladium, eating any food featuring truffles and playing games. Everything I wish I could do 24/7 all year round, so it's safe to say I'm feeling very content and happy. However, there's still the tiniest inkling of disquiet in the back of my mind because of deadlines looming over my head soon as my break from work ends, but I'm trying my hardest to nip those in the bud. I also still have three(!) holiday parties coming up and I will be hosting + cooking on all of those occasions, so I am both excited and stressed out. But I'm sure everything will work out fine, I do love hosting a party.

This is me in Antwerp on Christmas Eve wearing velvet leggings as pants (still going strong) in front of a huge ass Christmas tree right before eating all of this (and then some):

Heaven. How have your holidays been so far?


  1. Hmmmm die Sushi ziet er zalig uit! Zo'n 'hoorntje' vind ik wel moeilijk om op te eten :D

  2. Amaaai uw kerstboom ziet er prachtig uit! Ik heb enkel saaie kerstballen booooeh! ;)

  3. gewoon blijven verzamelen en je komt er wel! :D