Raw Edge Sweatshirt and Boyfriend Jeans

Raw edge sweatshirt: c/o Oasap - boyfriend jeans, glitter boots: H&M - circle scarf: Mais il est où le soleil?

 Yeah, my guy still hates sweatshirts and boyfriend jeans, so he absolutely adored this particular outfit /sarc. But he don't know shit, I look way fly, right?? I'd been looking for a particular shape of boxy sweatshirt ever since I saw Jane wear hers, and this one seems to fill that boxy sweatshirt shaped hole in my heart just fine. Super cheap btw, get it here! I like how this sweatshirt doesn't poof out at the stomach and gets sucked in again by an elastic band. I think the straighter fit is more flattering, generally. 

Even though my boyfriend thinks both are hideous. I bet he's just jealous of the impressive broad shoulders I got going on.

About life: I had a great day today. I met up with my girl Sabina in Antwerp where our fun day of hanging out and shopping culminated in us dragging my boyfriend over to Umi for a quick dinner date after he got off from work. I'd never been to Umi before, but Sabina is a big fan and I don't know her as having poor taste, so I was ready to be pleasantly surprised. And yep, another great sushi place to put on my list of "must eat here as often as my bank account will allow" places. You're probably rolling your eyes by now since loving sushi is SUCH a "blogger" thing to do, but I just can't deny the perfection of fresh fish, avocado, mango and tempura on a bed of perfectly seasoned rice, yo.

SO: sweatshirts and boyfriend jeans. Is it ironic that boyfriends hate boyfriend jeans, or what? Or is yours more tolerant? And what about girlfriends? I bet girlfriends are way more lenient. I mean, I always let my boyfriend wear boyfriend jeans! (lulzzzz)


  1. Ik vind die outfit wel heel leuk! En het was weer plezant :)

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  3. Mooie comfy outfit! Heel erg fan van de sjaal!


  4. Super cute outfit! My guy doesn't really care what I wear, which is nice. He says I always look good (aww) but he is super confused by boyfriend jeans! He's like, "Why do you want jeans that look like my jeans but are made for girls? You can just wear my jeans if you want..." Haha.