Two nipples a dime

Are you guys getting sick of me wearing leopard yet? I just love how much kick it gives to any old outfit. And these polkadotted shorts are way too cute to pass up on, right? The entire look is slightly schizofrenic but I guess that’s just where I’m at right now, haha. My illness is getting worse again, I was feeling better before the whole wedding party but that night totally pushed me back a few and now I’m coughing my lungs out again. Also, one of my two remaining wisdom teeth is on its way out and I think that one’s adding to me feeling slightly shitty. I hate wisdom teeth :( The hour changing is awesome though, I love how getting up an hour earlier while still sleeping just as much makes me feel all adequate and productive, even though I’m not doing shit. To illustrate how little I’m doing: I’m actually taking a facebook quiz on what Jersey Shore character I am.

I’m Jwoww btw

I love Jwoww!

 denim shirt: zara
shorts, coat: H&m
boots: pimkie


  1. Love every items especially the coat!

  2. your shirt is gorgeous =)

  3. So stylish!! Love the print mix!
    Very criative look!

  4. im in love with leopard, meaning im in love with these 3 posts :)


  5. i love the clashing patterns! i can never get sick of leopard print- it's the perfect print for the cold season

  6. not at all, I think you look fabulous in leopard!
    great outfit :)

  7. You really rock the leopard, in my opinion. It looks extra cute against the little polka dot shorts, too.

    Thanks for leaving me such a thoughtful comment! It's always a challenge, moderating flaws, isn't it? I feel like if I take too much of the edge off of myself, I'm not me anymore... but I also don't want to be an obnoxious asshole brat, either. Ah, balance...

    Anyway, you don't sound horrible at all! Just human, but a really excellent human :P

  8. I LOVE this! So cute :)