Golden Years

My solution for days when your outfit is nothing special and the lighting is bad so you can tell in advance that your pictures are going to suck? Try a weird pose, jump around! Comes in handy when it’s cold as well. It was SO foggy outside yesterday (when these pics were taken) that you could only see like 15-20 meters ahead at the most. Sort of cool for fall, and I like how everything seems a bit quieter when it’s misty (just like when it has snowed), but it is not good for pictures. On some of my pictures you could ACTUALLY see fog particles floating in front of the lense. I have never witnessed something like that. A grey day called for a grey outfit. Actually I hate it when my outfits sort of blend in with my wall, but I wasn’t in the mood for lots of color so grey it was.
Fog particles!

I’m way into typical wintery printed sweaters, especially the kitschy snowflake/reindeer variety. I want more!

I brought a tiny bit of color and spring/summer in with my floral headband, and the knee high boots were a cold weather necessity to make up for my bare thighs. 

Have you guys read about Tavi’s (from Stylerookie) new magazine? I’ve applied, I would be totally honored to work with her for an e-zine. Super exciting, but I don’t think I’ll get it, my writing skills are still unpolished and my english isn’t as perfect as it should be. Le sigh. 

Imma wash my hair nao! La’ahz
 sweater, the doors T: pimkie
flower headband: little honey pies (etsy)
shorts: cut off some old jeans myself
tights: H&M
boots: texto


  1. Lovely outfit!
    Love the little flower headband :D

  2. Hehe, jumping makes everything better. Wonder if it would work with my bathrobe (currently being worn in bed, stupid winter cold is back again). Love the boots and shorts combo, with tights it works so well, I need to try this.

  3. i think you would add a lot to tavi's mag! i love reading your blog! (one of my for-sure faves). the outfit is sooo cute! i am cutting some jeans 2-nite!!!!
    ps... headed to Antwerp tomorrow! excited to see your city for a ocuple days!

  4. cute outfit! i love the cutoff and tights looks! sported that this weekend. ahh love the doors too :)


  5. I'm such a sucker for shorts and tights and boots - you look great!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. hello, i just found your blog and think its really cool! i love your jeans shorts and that flower headband is lush :)

    now following you. maybe you would take a look at my blog too?



  7. Oh thank you so much for the comment! I adore your blog! It is insane that there are fog bit on the lens!! must have been so foggy! That flower headband is THE prettiest! Best of luck for your spot in the magazine!!

    Ayesha x

  8. Hi! You are so cute and I'm glad to have stumbled upon your blog. Love your style, and your haircut!

  9. The fact that youre wearing the doors tshirt under that amazing sweater makes me love this even more!! I love the doors. This outfit is quite fantastic!

  10. Love the simplicity of the outfit..But till the sweater and the headband adds so much dimensions to it
    Thankx for ur lovely comment

  11. Adorable headband and adorable pics!

  12. Your English is totally perfect! Like I've literally never seen you make a mistake, and I'm a total grammar nut. I like your grey outfit :) It's lovely. The boots make it very you! hehe.


  13. Wow, I love that headband, it's so cute! And I see absolutely nothing wrong with your English, you write as if it was your first language! I saw her post as well and would love to apply, but I just feel like I don't have anything to contribute, haha.

  14. Your jumper is great and I love the flower headband. :)SArahD