Alexa Adams

I have been dying to find a Wednesday Adams inspired dress, but had no luck in the matter at all.

I was fawning over this topshop dress which was way out of my league, pricewise, and hoped and prayed that other highstreet stores would jump on the bandwagon and start massively producing little cute Wednesday Adams dresses for me to buy and twirl in, but to no avail. I had already thought of the alternative: buying a peter pan collar blouse and wearing it underneath a simple black dress, but I found NO peter pan collar blouse and I realized that I do not have a simple black dress that met my requirements (high neck, short, long sleeved. Then I found this H&M dress in the back of my closet where it had been gathering dust because it has no stretch whatsoever and the top part is quite tight (too uncomfy for everyday wear), and I settled on trying out the look with this dress and a lace blouse I picked up in the mid season sales at H&M. I quite like the result, but I wish the neck was higher and the collar was more peter pansy (haha) for it to peek out over the black and stand out more, but this’ll have to do for now. I added my crochet tights to add a little bit of me to the mix (so as not to look like ALL the other girls loving this look) and put on my clogs because clogs always seem to “work” with the strangest combinations. Somehow, these clogs make this outfit less goth and more fashion forward, in my opinion. I could totally see Alexa Chung rocking this outfit. As a matter of fact, I think it was Alexa that started the whole Wednesday Adams dress craze with her pretty madewell dress


Anyway, hope you like the look! I sure do, even though I couldn’t lift my arms all day.

PS: I was freezing my ass off, don't know if you can tell, but yesterday was the coldest day  yet and I was literally shivering while taking these pictures. Yes I am insane.

PPS: two people I had been telling were perfect for each other told me yesterday they finally got together and started a relationship! I am THE MATCHMAKER

dress, blouse: H&M
 tights: Pimkie
clogs: New Look


  1. love your first picture..
    i always see you smile..and that is a fierce face girl.. look amazing!! <33

  2. LOVE the look look so cute in that super feminine dress....great job!!!

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  3. Love this look =D It is a really good twist on one of those peter pan collar dresses, I would love one of those!! But I agree that Topshop one is so perfect but too expensive =( I'm going to keep a look out for one though.

  4. Well this little dress with the rest of white parts makes a great wednesday adams look! You look so sweet :)

  5. I have been coveting that Topshop dress too - alas, also out of my price range! Have to say I love your tights, you have such a good collection. I want some like these for winter.

  6. Lovely dress!! so cute!! you look amazing!!

  7. Hehe I have those exact same tights! I was thinking about wearing them today, in fact.

    I think your creative approximation of a Wednesday Adadms-esque dress is really cute! It's a fun twist on the basic look :)

    This post makes me want clogs. Sooo do not have the money for that... sigh.


  8. I bought mine for a meazly 10 euro, I could spare 10 euro :D thanks girls!

  9. i still think you look great but yes i have been dying for a wednesday addams dress too! that looks is right up my alley!!!

    if i can't find one then i will try and do the same thing you did! thanks for the inspiration!


  10. Hihi! Ziet er super stout schattig uit (? =p)! =D


  11. very pretty ensemble indeed! and love how those clogs work so well with the entire outfit.

  12. you crack me up.. too funny... first- the dress is so great on you, I love it, its perfectly suited for you!! and next, the comment about the matchmaker, but even more funny that you posted her pic.. tooo funny.

    Love your photos today too!!!


  13. You are way better than that crazy lady matchmaker.

    Peter Pansy? Yes please!!