Daddy Cool

If I had anything from forever 21, I would have included it here and made this my “holiday sweater” entry for the chictopia contest. But I don’t, so I can’t. I’ll just participate in my mind :D I bought this sweater for 1 euro at my favorite secondhand store! I’ve told you guys before that I’m crazy about all kinds of cheesy holiday sweaters at the moment, so when I saw this one I grabbed it instantly. There was a weird stain on it that looked as if the fabric had been burned or something with an iron, but I chanced it and it turned out to be chocolate, so it came off nicely. I wore this for the first day of ultra cold weather (temperatures of 1°c during the daytime). The dress I’m wearing as a blouse is flannel so superwarm (especially buttoned all the way up, and so is this sweater, so I was good. I actually like the red peeking out from underneath my skirt. The skirt has these cute suspenders, but it was too cold to pose with my sweater off so you’ll just have to use your imagination on that one. This look felt sort of halfway between santa’s little helper and Alexa Chung. I’m really drawing my inspiration from weird places these days.

I’m still so utterly in love with my Lanvin dress. It’s hanging neatly in this fabric shell (you know, the ones that come with formal clothing like tuxedo’s etc, I don’t know the proper name) with a cute Lanvin sketch all over it in my bedroom hallway, and I stare at it lovingly every time I cross that hallway. I can actually look at it when I’m sitting on my toilet. Too much information? Haha
My boyfriend doesn’t hate it as much anymore, he liked the way I styled it. He’s still not sold on the piece of nude fabric, but that’s his problem :D

I’m going to take a shower. Life is good!

 sweater: think twice secondhand
blouse, skirt: pimkie
tights: H&m
boots: texto


  1. I love this outfit! it's so christmassy and warm!

  2. Another fab outfit....LOVE the plaid with the sweater...the sweater is such a find!! Good for look awesome...and who knows, maybe the dress will grow on him, if not...its still YOURS, lol:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  3. Love that sweater, very seasonal!! :) Glad your boyfriend is coming round to the Lanvin, it is stunning after all! x

  4. What a lovely sweater! So cuuute! You look like a Swedisch school girl with the skirt and boots. Ah sorry I don't know where my mental connections come from lol ;)

  5. i am in loe with this outfit! you look too cute!

  6. That sweater is pretty awesome!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  7. this is such a unique look. suits you so well. love the sweater.
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  8. the shirt peeking out from underneath is very blake lively!

  9. I love your sweater! And the outfit in general :).

    Thanks for dropping by! Nice blog :).

  10. Love the sweater, the boots and the shirt!
    So great!

  11. Gosh you make me laugh so much. " This look felt sort of halfway between santa’s little helper and Alexa Chung. I’m really drawing my inspiration from weird places these days." That pretty much made my night.

    I've actually had really good luck with stains coming out of stuff from the thrift store, too. Sometimes it takes a little elbow grease, but most of the time it washes right out. Go figure.

    Anyway, I love the wintery, cozy vibe of your outfit. The flannel with a sweater is a great idea... Gonna have to try that one myself! Although I'm not nearly so bold a dresser as you, so I might have to do a solid color sweater to not have a panic attack haha.

    By the way, I really like how you styled that dress. it IS very Carrie Bradshaw... It's reminiscent of the one she wears in the last episodes, actually. Just red instead of olive :P

  12. Great pullover!