I don't bring truth so please stop calling me

I’m not really into this outfit. Somehow, all black looks always feel so boring to me when I put them on. I can love them on other people, but not on me. I do love my floral headwreath though, And I have absolutely nothing else to say right now! Sorry, I’m sort of braindead I guess.

Hope you like my outfit better than I do! :D

Oh I forgot, I DO have something to say.

sophi and I had a little discussion about stylesites like chictopia the other day (if you want to chime in, check it out yesterday's comment section!). Her problem with stylesites is the fact that it’s mostly skinny white girls with a similar style that “make it big” on stylesites, while curvier girls or black girls are very underrepresented, and she feels like it isn’t fair and takes away from the democratic nature of these stylesites. She also feels that it is hard to make it on chictopia for starting bloggers because it’s always the same girls who make it into the style gallery. I agree on that one, while the new demands to make it into the style gallery serve the quality, it does make it way hard for new girls to develop their style and slowly grow into style gallery features, which sucks. But I don’t agree on the underrepresentation of “fashion minorities”. I mean yeah, it is sad that there aren’t more curvy or black girls in the style gallery, but you can’t blame chictopia for it. I feel like this underrepresentation is a vicious cycle: because black or curvy girls are aware of certain beauty standards, they might be too insecure to really get into fashion and styleblogging, so they don’t register. And because few girls start styleblogging, there aren’t a lot of rolemodels for other black or curvy girls to start styleblogging, which in turn demotivates these girls. Boycotting stylesites only results in beauty standards staying the way they are. I feel like black or curvy girls should just ALL register here and bombard us with their chicness, inspiring others to do the same. In the end, molds are there to be broken and the media are the very best way to break beauty molds. Internet is ideal, because anyone can create content and reach people. So GO black fashionista’s and curvy bombshells!

Let me know how you feel!

Oh, and if you want to see some pretty pictures of nature, animals and the country, check out my sister’s new blog ! Click the pictures for a larger view, and let her know what you think! She’s only 16 years old and passionate about photography without any formal training, and I feel like she’s extremely talented.
Some of my faves:
these would make great wallpaper material!

 dress, shoes: H&M
tights: Pimkie


  1. such a lovely outfit! dress is so nice, and from H&M wow i think i might have to go buy that xo

  2. the fact is i do love loveeeeee your dress!!! :D

  3. Wow.. Love the pictures of your lil sister!

  4. Interesting discussion. I think it's mostly the fact that black or curvy girls/women are often not confident enough. As I started my chic blog I was so demotivated as I gained no comments for my outfits. I thought that my style is to boring or that the people think it's better to write nothing instead of insults. But I think chictopia is a really democratic web space because every stylish member is treated equal. I think it's important to have fun with style and fashion. I blog because I want to inspire more women in my shape to show their own personality and to try out things in fahion which are not "allowed" cury girls to wear from society.

    BTW great dress! Love love love it!

  5. I love the outfit!!! goth-flowerchild! faboosh!

  6. I loooooove it :)))))



  7. Thanks so much for your opinion, Saskia! I immediately thought of you when typing it and I'm so glad you just do your thing. Blogging can help someone's confidence rise, but it can also burn it down. It depends on how you use the feedback (or lack thereof) you get. If you don't get as many comments, it's not because your style sucks or because people don't want to instult you, it's just because people rather comment on people they can relate to, and there are less curvy girls out there to comment on you I guess! Sucks, but it has nothing to do with you really. You rock!

  8. I already commented on the outfit + blogpost on Chictopia, but I just wanted to say: you are so right, your sister has a talent, LOVE her material :)


  9. The lace dress is gorgeous - I think I'd like it even better with the famous red tights, but that is probably just because I love red tights so much!

  10. I wanted to wear the dress with the red tights at first, but then I thought "I can't wear these ALL the time" :D thanks!

  11. Amazing dress! =)


  12. So lovely lace dress! and amazing pictures from your sister!

  13. I still don't know how I feel about all of it... I think that it's not so much a lack of confidence as much as the way people vote. I think most people equate looking like a model with having better personal style. I don't know. I think it's really hard to know why it is the way it is... I imagine it's a whole mix of things. And I don't know that a sort of "affirmative action" policy would really be the right solution, either. I dunno. I'm reconsidering Chictopia. Maybe I ought to give it another chance...

  14. Ohhh and. Your outfit is really cute! The monochrome definitely works. Your sister is really talented too! She has some awesome stuff up :)


  15. love those shoes!!! oh soo cute!


  16. You look so sweet and gorgeous!

  17. This is so pretty! :)


  18. Your sisters photos are gorgeous!! And I love all the textures you have in this outfit, it creates such great contrasts!

    Sparrow & Urchin