The Lanvin Struggle

I took my boyfriend to H&M yesterday to check out the dress because he hadn't even seen it yet, so I put it on and showed it to him. That sort of backfired, because he really didn't like the dress that much. Too poofy, too childish, the nude piece of fabric on top reminded him of granny underwear and the fraying at the hems just looked sloppy to him. I sort of agreed on all charges (I don't even LIKE the promdress silhouette or fraying), but the dress in its entirety still totally clicked in my head. It spoke to me. As a matter of fact, it SANG to me. However, I didn't feel comfortable getting a 200 euro dress I wouldn't be able to wear out that much if my boyfriend hated it, so I said I was going to think about it a bit more. After a few hours of doing homework in the library, I got in the car with my boyfriend and told him I had decided: I wanted the dress. By then, the stores were closed, so we planned on getting it the next day. But his opinion on the dress only deteriorated as the night went on. We even ended up getting into sort of a fight over it because I didn't want the dress if he hated it, and he felt bad because this way, in either of his options, it wouldn't be "right": if he got it for me I wouldn't be as happy with it because he hated it, and if he didn't get it he would've ruined it for me too. I'm always the levelheaded one in discussions, so I just told him we'd sleep on it and not get it if he still hated it in the morning.

This is what ended up happening.

I bought these for myself!

Years and years and years I've been trying on simple black pumps in the hope of finding the perfect black pump that would NOT have my heel slipping out  (I always have to buy heels with straps) or my toes die of a lack of bloodcirculation, and I slipped these on and they were PERFECT. The platform is high and they are nicely cushioned, so these are supercomfy.

and this...


sneak peek of me wearing it in the dressing room

I'll do a proper post tomorrow, I promise!

Did I do the right thing?

Oh, and here's the link to my new article on wintercoats!


  1. cute blog! I’ll follow you!
    I have a fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers on bloglovin:-)

  2. You did :) Not to mention, that if you ever get sick of it you can just stick it on ebay and sell it for as much as you paid. It is gorgeous x

  3. was this the dress you originally wanted? its absolutely stunning! the shoes are gorgeous too - perfect outfit together :) x

  4. You absolutly did the right thing!! And those shoes are absolutly amazing, I need a pair like that, I had amazing black pumps but I loved them so much I wore them to death :(
    I hate getting in arguements with boys about fashion, they dont "get it". My boyfriend and I once got in an arguement about high waisted skirts: he thinks they're ugly on every woman and I think they're lovely.
    Males are a bizarre breed when it comes to these things :S

  5. I always regret spending lots on clothes but at the same time regret passing up awesome pieces. If you love it though and it's not too financially irresponsible I say just enoy it. Definitely don't worry too much about it.

    Red is your color lady-- love it

  6. wow. can't wait to see the dress and shoes in an outfit... looks divine. lucky you
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  7. The look on your face when you're wearing the dress speaks bookparts (:D), so it has to be the right decision
    Seriously, the dress is geweldig.

  8. haha, leuk verhaaltje wat je erbij vertelde. ik snap jullie allebei wel, alleen zou ik het geloof toch wel iets eerder wel doen, ook al zou mijn vriendje hem haten