Crop Top, Pencil Skirt and Nikes

crop top and pencil skirt: Ebay - sneakers: Nike - hoop earrings: H&M

And this is what me and my girls Naomi and Sabina wore to the Lana Del Rey show. It was ridiculously windy so 99% of the pictures we snapped of the three of us had one (or more) of us squinting, spitting out hair or just looking like hairy Cousin It. Luckily, I found a few shots that looked half decent! 

I wanted to wear something comfortable yet glamorous-swaggy, so this floral crop top/pencil skirt combo I picked up off Ebay immediately came to mind. Business on the bottom, party on top! Pretty sure this look is going to be huge for summer 2013. Finished off with a flick of eyeliner, big hoop earrings and my Nikes, it was a look that evoked Lana's aesthetic without being literal about it.

My birthday weekend was absolutely awesome and everything I'd wanted it to be. To top it all off, my sis and me went shopping today and she got me a new bottle of Viktor and Rolf's Flower Bomb perfume! My signature scent that had run out ages ago. It's quite expensive so I never get around to replacing it because it feels so frivolous, but it is twice as awesome to get it as a gift. LOVE MY SIS.

Thanks for the sweet birthday wishes, you guys!!


  1. Awesome pics of awesome time! Looking forward to the next hang out <3

  2. Oooh die derde foto is zo mooi :)
    Rocking that cropped top!

  3. You're trying WAY too hard, honey... and failing miserably...

  4. Jullie zien er alledrie uberhip uit! Leuke outfit, die blauwe Nikes van enkele posts geleden zouden er ook goed bij passen!

  5. Ah, another one of THOSE people. Internet bullies, you so classy! Let me tell you what I think of your comment.

    1) what is wrong with trying?
    2) who gets to decide when one is trying just hard enough, and when someone crosses over and tries too hard?
    3) who gets to decide when someone fails and when someone wins?

    Moral of the story: opinions are like assholes. Everybody's got them. I find it very sad when someone actually believes there are rules that define what is wrong and right when it comes to something as trivial as fashion. And it is pretttty fucking arrogant to go and tell someone they're doing something wrong and that you know how to do it right. This is my blog, and I get to decide what is wrong and right. BYE NOW.

  6. was ik ook aan het denken! hopelijk arriveren ze morgen!

  7. Leuke foto's, leuke outfit! En Lana was awesome.

  8. You all look FAB!
    And who is this annoying Nina-person? Like, squeeze me???

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  9. And again I say, you look so effortlessly cool. Teach me your ways! I'll just have to fake it 'til I make it. :)

  10. ohhh u outfit is heel LDR ! superleuke foto's, altijd leuk om u op te kleden voor een concert of festival :d

  11. LUVVVVV THIS POST! You guys look so sexy