Red Velvet Skirt

I made this skirt myself! Yeay me and my nimble fingers (that's what SHE said hahahahaha)! Instead of forking over 200+ euros for this pretty Le Mont St. Michel skirt I had fallen in love with (haha @ me talking like buying a 200 euro skirt would be an option for me in ANY universe) I just waited until Think Twice was having their monthly sales again and bought one of their hideous velvet confections for 2 euro to cut up and sew together my own version. I spent a hundred times less, eat that capitalism! Way easy too btw, I just cut off the bottom of a dress, folded over the top, sewed it in place and pulled an elastic band through it (this girl explains it clearly and did it way more neatly than me) et voila: a velvet mini skirt! I love it to bits. This entire outfit is made of win and made me believe in my teal hair again <3

Thanks to superpretty and supersweet Elien for taking these pictures of me! I took some of her as well, hop over to check them (and her gorgeous Boticelli's Venus hair) out!

beret: old
sweater, boots: Pimkie
skirt: handmade
tights: H&M
coat: Think Twice vintage
backpack: River Island
ring: Alex Monroe

Green Fake Docs & Cemetery

CALM DOWN PEOPLE I totally love my teal hair again today. I'm having my period btw maybe that's why my brain is being fickle as hell. 

ANYWAY here is an outfit I photographed before I dyed my hair (duh). I'm wearing AWESOME fake green doc martens I got from H&M months after they first arrived since I missed out on them some way and only noticed them when there were 2 pairs left in Antwerp, luckily in the perfect sizes for my sister and me. I bought one pair as a bday gift for my sis, and the other came home with me. These shoes are so fun and bright! Just a simple outfit to let the boots shine.

BTW while I was taking these pics some dude came up to me to talk about a grave excavation he had just been helping with and apparently bodies are/used to be vacuum packaged in the grave? Wth? Is this true or was I talking to some crazy whacko murderer who is standing right behind me right.... NOW?

dress, boots: H&M
coat, scarf: T2 vintage
tights: GB Carrefour

Totally Over Teal

I'm aware of the fact that reading the titles of my last three posts including this one probably has a rather funny effect. My goal in life is to entertain!

But this is no laughing matter: I may have been a bit too impulsive when dyeing my hair green. I failed. I totally underestimated (read: didn't think of) the fact that a radically different haircolor would also radically change what colors and clothes would and would not suit me. When I'm standing in the bathroom in just my undies I ADORE my hair, but when I start to put together an outfit it just doesn't look quite right. And I can't exactly go to class in my undies now, can I?

My style is quite eye-catching and high on prints and colors, so my natural brown hair was a good way to tone things down. Now my hair is an extra eye-catcher, I feel like my loud style is a bit too much. But I hate neutrals and I'm not used to letting my hair do the talking! UGH I hope I figure this out. Or that it fades fast. So warning to everybody I might have inspired to get a weird haircolor: try to pick a color that goes with the colors you usually wear. My previous peachy brunette (as I call it lovingly) went with my style without much of an effort. 

Also, suddenly I feel like going for a chop. I really want to go for a short bob again as it looks so cute and sharp and sexy, but I just had a haircut so that would be a major waste of money AND EVERYTHING SUCKS ARG

REALLY feeling this. Also, if I get this haircut now my hair will probably be long-ish again in time for next summer as I always yearn for long hair in the summer and shorter in the winter. I'm so fickle. I had a very similar haircut in summer 2010 and I loved it. Only sad thing is the fact that my supershort bob is incompatible with my beloved ombre hair... What do you think?

PS have you guys read that google is cancelling google friend connect? That sucks. I guess this is the time to tell you guys to follow me via back up options like blogloving, rss or twitter? Or maybe I should just make a fb page already. Stupid google!

edit: so, it actually won't be disappearing from me as my blog is hosted by google. BUT WHAT IF I GO FOR A .COM OF MY OWN?
Stupid google!

Alpine Green All The Way

So yeah, after dyeing my ends teal and looking at myself in the mirror time after time (yep, that's what fashion bloggers do all they when they're not blogging about themselves) last night, I decided my hair would be better if ALL of it was dyed teal. And because I still had some dye left, I ran upstairs to the bathroom and just haphazardly lathered it into my roots and lengths, hoping for the best! Luckily, things worked out fine. I had no idea the dye would take on my dark brown hair. My boyfriend thinks I look like I'm wearing a wig now but I don't care if I look a bit insane (I know I sorta do), THIS IS FUN! Now I know what motivates Katy Perry to get up in the morning. I still have to get used to it though, it's quite a big change! And it'll wash out anyway, no commitment ftw.

See my nails? I was wearing a base coat when dyeing my hair, and my nails turned all teal and shiz while washing the dye out and it looks really cool ombre-like and matches my hair, so I covered it with a top coat and called it a day!

coat: H&M
tights, sweater: Pimkie
skirt: Vintage (gift)
shoes: River Island
ring: Alex Monroe

SO what do you think? Weird? Cool? Weird AND cool? But mostly cool right? I just need to figure out which colors work and which don't, I still want to keep my style right in the middle between edgy and cute/polished, a bit of a balancing act! Tips?


As I had been announcing for ages, I finally dyed my hair teal today! My sweet, sweet boyfriend granted my wish by repeating his dyeing talent once more, since his job on my pink hair was so awesome. The process was virtually the same as last time (check out my DIY tutorial here!) but I told my boyfriend to start the dye higher up on the lengths of my hair because I wanted a bolder look. I'm anxious to see how the fading will work out and how the color will evolve! You like?

It seems I'm totally regressing to teen-dom. My boyfriend calls my hair juvenile, but I personally think it's way more childish to believe you can't wear x or look like y when you have passed a certain age. BS! And to show him good, I took advantage of ASOS' 20% off coupon last week to order the rebellious shoes of my dreams. No clue as to what I'm talking about? Why, one of the most iconic pairs OF ALL TIME obviously!

*swoony mcswoon*

They are surprisingly comfortable and light as I remembered them to be clunky and stiff (used to have some in my teens), but I do need to find a way to style them yet. I'm thinking preppy, dark hues like navy and burgundy. What pops into your head?

PS: told you guys I always go "edgier" and less girly in the dark season. From bubble gum pink Betty Draper frocks to docs and goth green hair in a few months, yep. That's the way my cookie crumbles.

PPS: I did an interview over at My Modern Vintage, go check it out!
Enjoy your weekend!

Christmas Cardi, Teal and Racist Holidays

My title says it all today: I've decided we're getting close enough to Christmas for me to put on my super awesome festive cardigan again. I went for a sweet, retro look worthy of a kitschy holiday celebration.

ALSO, I did a strand test on my ends to see if the alpine green would take properly or just turn icky brown, and this is the result:

Not too shabby! It'll probably be richer when I let the color soak in longer, I washed this bit off after just 15 minutes. Also, the dyed bits are mixed with my undyed ends here, so that's why it appears "dirty". The part I actually dyed turned proper green! Excitiiiiiiing, can't wait for my hair to be like a SHINY SHINY EMERALD

On a more serious note: how many of you are celebrating Thanksgiving? Are you in any way troubled by the fact that Thanksgiving basically celebrates the slaughter of Native Americans? I never really "got" that holiday, and that's saying a lot since I'm a huge holiday-buff. Not aware of the history of Thanksgiving? Read up on it here, here or here. I find it very strange that this isn't more widely discussed.

We have a similar problem over here with Sinterklaas, since he has black slaves carrying his bags according to folklore. We patched that one up by saying the Black Petes (as they are called here) have a black-stained face from crawling down the chimney, but all the grown ups know this is just another occurence of blackface.

I don't know what to think on the matter as the Black Petes aren't presented as dumb or stupid or made fun of in any way, they are more like Santa's little helpers. So maybe things would be better if they were played by actual dark skinned people instead of this silly and racist practice of blackface? Would that even make things better or am I being overly politically correct? Do you even care?

Yeah, I'm a partypooper.

skirt: Forever 21
blouse, tights: Pimkie
bird pin: ASOS
cardi, shoes: New Look
headband: old

At least Christmas is clean and pure as the driven snow, right? RIGHT? 

Yeah, except for the fact that Santa-as-we-know-him was basically invented by Coca Cola, and that the historical figure Jesus was probably born somewhere in march but church officials changed the date to the 25th of December to stop the pagan rituals celebrating Yule and the winter solstice. 

Oh poo.

PS: for those interested in the Black Pete = Racist discussion (and those who aren't), seriously read this. Be sure to click through to the video, it sickened me to my stomach and restated the point I was trying to make SO HARD.

Big Door, Fall Floral

I have had a looooooooooong and tiring day and I just feel like eating peanutbutter out of the jar while watching dumb tv-shows with my blanket covering my legs, so that's what I'm going to do. While I recover some of my senses (and prepare for tomorrow's hair-restyling), here is an outfitpost. A summery floral dress made fall proof by layering it with muted autumnal hues.

This is how I tell my photo-taking-buddies where I want to be framed :-D

coat, scarf: Pimkie
dress: Mango
tights, socks: H&M
boots: ASOS
ring: Alex Monroe

PS: if you like my nails, I just painted them a grey-ish brown and blotted some silver over it with one of those cheap cleaning sponges.