Wrap Dress for Office Wear

dress, scarf, trenchcoat, ear cuff: H&M - boots: Sacha - sunglasses: ASOS

I thought it would be nice to share a work outfit with you guys, since I've been mostly blogging my leisure wear. Not that I have very strict guidelines on how to dress at either of my jobs, but I still like to project an air of professionalism when I'm at work. Not necessarily with suits and ties, but I don't exactly feel good rolling into the office wearing denim cutoffs either.

This striped wrap dress is one of those perfect basics to have hanging in your closet, suitable for just about any occasion. Not the hippest piece, but sometimes you don't mind just dressing classically elegant. Besides, you can easily personalize these kinds of pieces with shoes or accessories that exemplify your style. Wearing pink platform boots and an ear cuff doesn't sound very work-appropriate, but I think this entire outfit is still subtle enough to get away with some funky pieces. Especially since the combination of silk scarf + trench coat doesn't exactly scream "rebel rebel", ya know?

I've had this dress for years by the way, and I still like it. Who ever said that cheap H&M stuff only lasts 3 washes? See me wear it almost three years ago here, and three and a half years ago here. Meeeemoriessss

Hope you enjoyed my musings on office wear! What do you wear to professional settings?


  1. super cool a cheap H&M dress did last this long! I agree, it's a great staple piece and i can see it easily remixed a million ways. like this w/ the scarf & fun pink boots for a more "you" look :) http://dusanabotswana.com/

  2. Vermits ik werkloos ben is mijn "professionele outfit" vrij casual :D

    Vind de combinatie van streepjes/bloem echt een toppertje !

  3. Wow I love the color of your hair if you don't mind me asking, what color is that? I think it really suits you and i love your style so much :) xo

  4. Loving the ear cuff!

    Should wear mine too some day.

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  5. haha da was mijn kort-haar-uitgroei kapsel :D

  6. Ik hou echt van u jas !!

    Warm regards


  7. Did you bleach your hair? Haha i'm so sorry for the hair questions. I just really admire your hair color. <3 :)

  8. Haha no worries! I still had some highlighted strands from before, and they took the dye even better than my virgin hair, but overall most of it has never been bleached :)

  9. A really nice dress indeed! Nautical is timeless and I agree H&M can last more than 3 washes! I think today you worn it most succesfully than the other two times in the past but I loved the one picture that you had really short hair. You looked amazing! Talking about hair, I saw your insta pic with long hair! :o
    Zascha did an amazing job, I bet you are really happy now :)


  10. Thank you! Yeah, I think I like this version the best as well, but I also like the simpler versions from the past: it all depends on what I feel like wearing that day. And I do like the way I look with short hair, but it is so very limiting! You really can't play with short hair like you can with longer hair, sadly.

    And I'm OBSESSED with those clip in extensions! Can't wait to receive them after they've been dyed to match my own hair and start curling them etcetera!!

  11. You look absolutely STUNNING! I love your dress and you styled it perfectly!


  12. oh das een mooie outfit! die sjaal !

  13. I think the ear cuff and platform boots work really well since the rest of the outfit is very elegant and work-appropriate! And I know what you mean, I don't have any guidelines of what I can and can't wear for work, but I still try to dress professionally. And keep the shorter hemlines and funkier pieces for weekends.
    LOVE the dress.