Dark Green Satin

dress: c/o bridesmaiddressy.co.uk - shaggy faux fur coat: Ebay - platform pumps: Zara - necklace: H&M

I probably let out a tiny gasp when I unwrapped this beautiful dark green satin dress from my new sponsor. Fully lined, subtly padded in the boob region for a perfect fit even without a bra, some soft boning to provide structure and made to measure: yes, I love this piece. I was a bit apprehensive about the quality of bridesmaiddressy.co.uk's pieces because I've heard some horror stories about Asian prom/wedding dress manufacturers. But if it means anything, my dress is absolutely lovely and worth its price. It's not as form fitting as it was on the model, but that's something you control yourself when providing your measurements. I don't like my clothes too tight, so I wanted there to be a bit of room to breathe. You might find something with a very similar look for less at Zara, but the quality and details that make this dress stand out (lining, padding, boning most importantly) would NOT be included. Of course you also have the option to have a dress made to measure in a shop where you can get fittings and judge the product in person before you buy, but most of the time the price of that option far exceeds the bridesmaiddressy.co.uk option.

This website offers dresses made to your exact requirements: you can choose the measurements (including hemline, so a floor length dress might just as well be made tea length or knee length if you so require) and the colour, so the possibilities are pretty much endless. I'm pretty picky and I still found bundles of cute dresses when browsing a few sections. I ended up choosing a simple frock that would be wearable for different occasions.

My sis took these pictures in front of the circus that came to town last week. It's not the easiest task to take good pictures of a party dress, in a setting that doesn't look random or just ugly, but I like the white fence well enough.

Off to chill out now, it's been a busy day! Need to get back in the swing of things after my week of sick leave.


  1. Wauw heel mooi! En omg die jurk waar je naar hebt gelinkt :O Echt mooi! Ik heb net een lange jurk besteld, benieuwd!

  2. When I first saw it, I died a little. My favorite color, especially love the back.
    Total diva with that fur on!


  3. Mooi feestjurkje! Geeft mij wel een Christmas-vibe maar da's vermoedelijk door de kleur :)

  4. You look so lovely! That green is beautiful on you, as is the shape. And the white fur, BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL.


  5. You look so gorgeous in this dress! The shade of green is super pretty. I love the back of it and the fact that it has padding too!

  6. oh schoon! das een van mijn lievelingskleuren! staat u heel goed, dat kleur!

  7. OH my goodness! I adore this on you! The color is so perfect, and it's such a pretty silhouette I love the picture of the back of you. Dresses with scooped back necklines have a special place in my heart.
    SO pretty,