LEVI'S 501

sweater: ASOS - boots: H&M - friendship bracelets: Etsy - boyfriend jeans: c/o Levi's

There was a time where I didn't wear denim. Like, never ever ever. Except maybe shorts. Because I felt like I didn't have the figure for it (insane, right?). Yeah, learning to see yourself for who/what you really are/look like can be a lifelong undertaking. Luckily, I've made LEAPS ahead since then. I now know my body is A OK and I can wear whatever the fuck I want. Whatever your body type, you can wear jeans if you want to, and you'll probably look awesome because, you know, wearing something that makes you feel awesome will make you look awesome. It's one of Einstein's laws that gets a lot less exposure than the whole e = mc² thing, but that doesn't make it less relevant. TRUST.

So, I've turned into quite the denim lover over the years. And with experience comes personal preference. I know what I like in a pair of jeans, and what I don't. It's harder to explain those preferences in a few lines than it is for me to say yes or no to a certain pair, but my personal preferences aren't that relevant to you anyway. Because you should find your own niche in denim. Be it tight, light or wide: rock what you want, and have a great time doing it. That's what denim is about. Expressing individuality.

One thing I can say, is that I normally go for skinny jeans. But a few months ago I suddenly got this craving for boyfriend jeans. I mean yes, they make your legs look shorter. And they aren't necessarily super classy or sexy. But what they lack in pretty, they make up for in cool. And they are SO cool. These Levi's 501's make me want to pull out the butterfly clips and crop tops like it's still 1996, in the best way possible. But I wanted to style them a bit more adult and sophisticated so I went with a sleek sweater and heeled boots. The playful 90s vibe is still visible in my friendship bracelets. I would totally wear this to work. Which is quite a feat when it comes to boyfriend jeans.

Where do you stand on denim: classic or street, relaxed or slick? And how SICK are these iconic Levi's 501s? Levi's is actually celebrating the 140th anniversary of these 501s this year, AWESOME! A rightful classic. If you have your own pair, you can upload pictures of you wearing them to the Levi's website. The best pictures will actually be published in the official #501 140th anniversary book. Or you could just go to the website to look at all the ultra cool people rocking their 501s in a plethora of different, individual ways. I'm super excited to have a pair to call my own now.

PS: I should really iron this sweater.


Me and my double chin doing a cripple version of the running man. Nuff said.


  1. Ik blijf vooral bij skinny jeans, maar een nieuwe bf jeans staat toch ook op mijn lijstje. Lurv the sweater!


  2. I love Levi's and you are right it depends on our body type..

    Love the last picture of you dancing!



  3. Ik heb echt geen idee of bf jeans mij zou staan. Ik ben er denk ik te klein voor.
    Jou staat het in ieder geval heel goed! En zalig gif'ke, haha :D.

  4. er zijn veel verschillende boyfriend jeansen (lol), je moet eens Paulien (polienne)'s laatste post bekijken, daar heeft ze een broek aan die meer boyfriend skinny is en die volgens mij iedereen leuk zou staan!

  5. Zo een boyfriend, ik durf dat gelijk niet passen, mijn benen zijn al niet van de langste. Dus geef mij maar een skinny, liefst in een donkere tint. Maar aaaargh! Die laarsjes! Ik heb de laatste weken een lichte obsessie ontwikkeld voor glitterende laarsjes. Ik zie ze overal voorbij komen, maar helaas kom ik ze nooit in een winkel tegen :/ Zijn deze recent van bij h&m?

  6. omg that gif is def the best thing i've seen all month!