Aerobics Chic, Cropped Sweater, Denim Mini Skirt

sweater, tights, scarf: H&M - sneakers: Converse - skirt: C&A - longsleeve: ASOS

This denim mini skirt might very well be the oldest piece in my wardrobe. I've had it since I was 16 at least, so almost 10 years. Practically vintage, yo! And it shows. Not that the skirt is worn out or something, but this is a style you don't see as often in stores anymore, while denim mini skirts were de rigueur  in my teens. I used to wear it with a turtle neck and heeled boots and POSSIBLY leg warmers. Inside the boots, though, peeping out like wooly socks. What, it was a hot look and I STILL stand by it!

I don't really know how this outfit came about, but it did and I like it. It's very aerobics-chic, what with the layers, big scarf and tights. After years of careful study, I've deducted that aerobics-chic is all about combining oversized (optionally cropped) items with a form fitting base. You can thank me later for that pearl of sartorial wisdom. 

This is obviously a casual outfit, I wore this on Sunday two weeks ago. My work outfits have been sadly underrepresented at the blog lately, but I just don't find a lot of time to take pictures during the week. Hope you don't mind!

Enjoy your Saturday night.


  1. Die cropped sweater is zo mooi <3 Welke lippenstift heb je aan?

  2. de matte about pink van catrice die ik twee posts terug heb gereviewed! :)

  3. I really dig the pattern on that sweater :)

  4. I guess denim skirt is one thing that never go out of style =) You definitely took care of it well.
    I like the print on your sweater too.