Pink Shaggy Faux Fur Coat and Sneaker Wedges

coat: c/o Oasap - dress: H&M - sneaker wedges: KEN - cat eye sunglasses: ASOS

I am definitely ready for the cold to finally subside, but I must admit I kind of enjoy being able to wear my faux fur beauties a bit longer. They go so well with spring outfits! Definitely the star pieces of my winter wardrobe. I hope I'll still be as into them next winter.

My sneaker wedges are another item I've worn to death the past months. I'm on the lookout for a nice pair of spring appropriate sneakers or sneaker wedges right now. I'm torn between going for a funky, colorful pair that makes a statement or a more neutral pair in beige or white. Maybe I'll just get both? I've never had a pair of sneakers I ended up not wearing, so I think it would be money well spent. 

Then again, I'm also still dreaming of the perfect pair of ankle boots and let me tell you, my list of requirements for the perfect pair of ankle boots is LONG. I've been looking forever, and the only boots that come close is my cheapo Forever21 pair but they're not exactly durable quality. If I'd ever find Acne pistol boots on sale I'd be all up in that shiz. Sigh.

I may have a steady, grown up income these days, but it still feels all kinds of wrong to spend 450€ on a pair of shoes even though I do think they'd be worth it. It's still shoes, you know? Very pretty shoes, but still. Things you put your feet in. I find it much easier to justify spending a wad of cash on practical items like laptops and smartphones. Like that Samsung Galaxy S4. I have an S3 and it does everything I want it to do, but in the time I've owned my smartphone I've gotten so attached to it, so I definitely see myself making an upgrade once my S3 dies on me.

Yeah, all kinds of deep thoughts today. I think I'll do a wishlist post one of these days on the sneakers I'm lusting over. HOLD ON TIGHT.


  1. Mooie jurk ! Mooi alles eigenlijk :)

  2. The print goes so well with the fur <3

  3. Leuke combinatie en wat een gave jas!