Burgundy Hair


SO! I guess I had gotten a bit antsy after having normal hair for AGES (like since May last year or something) so last night, I decided to dye my hair on a whim. Thing is, I hadn't decided what it should end up looking like yet. I was feeling Azealia Banks' purple mermaid hair, but I wasn't sure I wanted make such a statement again. Having teal hair pretty much made me think twice about weird hair colors because they can be very hard to pair with your regular wardrobe, colorwise. 

Anyway, I'm sure I'll go subtly purple one day, but for now I decided on getting rid of some Directions dye leftovers I had lying around in my bathroom: a bit of carnation pink, a bit of rubine, a bit of vermillion red and quite some violet. The orange base of the vermillion red interacting with the blue-purple base of the violet (orange + purple = brown) made for a very natural shade of burgundy with just the tiniest bit of eggplant oomph. Lovely! I still have to get used to my darker hair (no more bright highlights :() but the color will fade, and I'm going to enjoy this rich shade of chocolate-cherry while it lasts!

These pictures were obviously taken with flash, but I snapped a few instagram shots during my day that show my color in different lighting: slightly darker and more purply than above. The real color is somewhere in between the two versions.

Pretty close to Azealia's eggplant hair, no? I guess I just couldn't ignore my subconscious urge to become Ms. Liquorice.



  1. Leuk! Zo'n kleurtje heb ik ook al eens gehad. Staat je goed!


  2. Super gorgeous! Love those flash pics, you look awesome. And love the new color! Darker colors take some time to get used to, but they are lovely indeed, not to tell they go with everything ;D

  3. You pouty lips! Hair color looks good, want to see it in real lifez!


  4. Zalig dat je dat gewoon ineens hebt beslist! Het ziet er heel mooi uit!
    Naomi, x
    Dress your life.