Food for Friday: Rice, Avocado, Peach and Tuna Spring Roll

Time for a recipe! I had a craving for sushi some time ago, but no means of getting any. I decided to try and create a dish that had the same fresh and clean palette as sushi, but a bit more attainable for people who don't have easy access to a great fish shop or rice vinegar (indispensable for good sushi!). I ended up cooking me some spring rolls filled with brown rice, tuna, avocado and peach. So good I had to share!

What you'll need:

- avocado
- mango or peaches (canned if you can't get your hands on ripe ones)
- rice (I use brown rice because it has fibres and shiz (lol))
- rice paper
- spring onion
- mayonaise
- your choice of seasoning (I use coriander and paprika powder)
- canned tuna (or crab, would probably be nomz)

What you'll do:

Cook your rice: brown rice doesn't need to be washed or stirred (as far as I know :D) so just boil that shiz and leave it alone. While it's cooking, get the rest of your ingredients in order. Cut up your avocado, mango or peaches and throw it in a bowl. Uncan your tuna and mix it up with some chopped spring onion, your seasoning and a few dollops of mayonaise. For a healthier alternative, use greek yoghurt and a bit of lemon juice/mustard instead of mayonaise. The consistency of your mixture doesn't have to be runny, more mushy. IF ya know what I mean.

If your rice has cooked to your satisfaction, spread it out on a big plate to let it all cool a bit. Sushi isn't supposed to be hot, lukewarm at the most. When your rice has cooled down a bit, start soaking your rice paper. You just need to dunk that shiz in some water and let it set on a wet (and clean) kitchen towel. After about a minute, your rice paper is ready to use.

Spread out your - now supple - rice paper and layer some rice, tuna and avocado-mango/peach on there. Try to get more avocado/mango/peach on there than rice, because the rice can be quite dry. The tuna is your seasoned component, so be careful to not let it overpower the other ingredients. Fold in two opposite sides of your rice paper, and roll up the other two opposing sides to envelop the filling. This little image shows it nicely:

Voila, a yummy little spring roll! Serve with some extra mango/avocado/peach salsa et bon appetit!

Definitely making this again, great alternative for salad if you want to eat healthy and fresh (lol canned tuna, so fresh).


  1. Lol ik werk ook aan een sushi post! :D Ik ga je receptje zeker uitproberen, 't ziet er mega lekker uit :d

  2. I'm hungry. Looks good & healthy!

  3. WOW that looks yummy !!! ga ik zeker uitproberen!