Pale Pastels and My Bunny

coat: c/o Oasap - cashmere sweater: thrifted - denim: Lee - earrings: Topshop - platform sneakers: Ebay

Hi! Like I told you guys yesterday, my desire for spring and sunshine seems to translate into a love for soft pastels these days. I picked up this pale pink floral sweater (cashmere!!) for merely 3€ at the thrift shop: one of those treasures that make all of the rooting through crap worthwhile. I'm not only in love with the print and colour, but it's super thin yet very warm so those euros were well spent indeed. I'm also wearing my Barry M dazzle dust again! I love the softness that blue eyeshadow always seems to bring to a face.

BTW did you notice those bright pink bunny ears peaking out of my coat pocket in the first picture? It's my Samsung S3 bunny phone cover I ordered off Ebay! It's the cutest thing EVER and it keeps my phone safe and sound, which is just common sense if you have an expensive phone really. My smartphone was a present from the boyfriend for my birthday + Christmas, so it's even more valuable to me than its monetary worth. Anyway, look at how adorable my cover is!!




  1. Love this look! :)

  2. I don't think you know how much I adore you

  3. love your outfit! that's a pretty cover for your s3! :)

    Irene Wibowo

  4. Great eyeshadow, Annebeth, it compliments your pink coat wonderfully. Haha, I saw a short pink faux fur jacket in a flea market this afternoon, and immediately thought of you!

  5. cute, cute, cute anddddd CUTE :D you look adorable!

  6. I couldn't pull this look off, but it's so so good on you <3