Teddy Coatigan, Corduroy Grandpa Trousers

coatigan (yeah I know, worst word EVER) - thrifted - scarf, boots: H&M - trousers: River Island men's department - purse: mom's

Another work outfit made out of loose fitting, comfortable items that still look sort of respectable because of the slight menswear vibe and the heeled boots. Comfort is key! I don't think I would be very happy if I had to wear pumps, blouses and pencil skirts to work every day. SO not comfy. I need comfy.

Talk about comfy: this cardigan/coat/whatever I got for like 4€ at the thrift shop (I love that song) is SO warm yo. I mean really, I am only wearing a longsleeve underneath and I wasn't even chilly even though it was almost freezing outside. And it looks like a cross between a teddy bear and a sheep: OSSUM.

I might sound chirpy, but I actually had a rough past 24 hours. I hardly slept last night because of nausea and an upset stomach and this morning I could hardly get out of bed because of dizziness and general queasiness. My guy and me both felt like crap and slept until 2 o'clock in the afternoon, but after an entire day of keeping calm, I'm feeling much better. I hate having to miss out work since I have so many deadlines to meet, so calling in sick isn't exactly as fun as it used to be in high school. Responsibility, meh.



  1. oh so beautiful!love the neutral colours and that amazing scarf.

  2. I LOVE your scarf!
    And I hope you and your boyfriend feel better soon! Being sick is the worst. :(

  3. Girl, you are the one to come for comfy awesome outfits inspiration! And I say there's nothing wrong with the word coatigan. Hope you guys feel better soon!

  4. Dat ken ik! Soms heb ik zo een zin in een dagje ertussenuit, maar als ik dan effectief ziek word, heb ik meestal niet eens de tijd om thuis te blijven... Growing up, I guess.
    Hopelijk word je snel beter!
    (En on topic, geweldige jas/teddybeer omhulsel)


  5. Really like those shoes with the rest of the outfit! Hope you're feeling better!

  6. Those pants are awesome!!

    x Aliya

  7. I like the outfit! Comfy yet chique :) approved for work!

  8. Are you feeling better now? Get well soon darling =)
    I'm sure by looking at the glitter boots will give you a bright and shiny day =)

  9. Haha Coatigan, will remember that one! Nice outfit!


  10. Ik ben zo'n fan van die broek! Hopelijk ben je ondertussen weer tiptop in orde ;)
    Naomi, x
    Dress your life.

  11. Great outfit! I think that scarf looks so warm and lovely!