Outfit: teddy coat and velvet ankle boots + Shein discount code

 teddy coat: c/o Shein - sweater: Pimkie - mom jeans: Primark - velvet boots: c/o Wonders - handbag: Kate Spade NY

It's a blogger/influencer cliché as tall as the Eiffel Tower, but yep: when the temperatures drop I can't wait to pull out my collection of coats. Coats and shoes are basically my two weak spots, and while I can sometimes get annoyed at all the space these take up, I do get so much satisfaction out of being able to pick the perfect coat to complete an outfit rather than having one winter coat that you wear day in day out like I did in my teens when money was scarce.

And in my collection of coats, my faux fur/teddy coats are definitely the ones I reach for the most. Warm but not heavy, cozy, soft, casual but still a fashion statement and, most importantly: they look great oversized, so you can wear all of your layers underneath without feeling like a sausage in a too-tight casing.

This particular teddy coat is extreeeemely soft, and I love its oatmeal/rosey brown colour! I got it at Shein for just €27, and it's available in some other shades as well. Get another 15% off your entire order with discount code "styling15"! Major recommendation if you're still looking for one of these! I got it in a size XXL because I love that oversized look and feel. 

The bottom left one is mine, btw.

So what's up in my day to day life? We've just put up our Christmas tree! Very early but that's one of the perks of having a faux-tree. We've also just finished watching Jessica Jones season 2. Took us a while to get into, but it was very much worth the time investment. I loved how it played on the theme of female rage and its many expressions. Additionally, we'll be visiting the Tim Burton exhibit in C-Mine Genk today. 

Oh, and my dude is watching The Hobbit for the gazillionth time. I think it's such a bad movie - it's basically a feature length, non-interactive video game to me because of its shallow character development and silly use of CGI. But it's also kind of adorable how much he enjoys the movie whenever he watches it. 

Anyway, have a lovely weekend!

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