Outfits: What I wore in September

I rarely have the time or energy to put together a proper outfit post anymore, so I figured I might as well find a new format to document the looks I wear on here. Without further ado: a different type of outfit post!

60s fall outfit with striped trousers and brixton cap
Saturday September 7th
trousers: c/o Signe Nature - blazer: vintage via Think Twice - turtleneck: Mango - boots: c/o Zinda - hat: Brixton

It was actually way too hot for this outfit when I wore it, but I loved how the trousers, hat and blazer looked together so I just went with it. DOIN IT FOR THE GRAM. Some serious 60s London style menswear inspiration going on here.

fall Americana outfit with fringe jacket, midi dress and cowboy boots
  Sunday September 8th
dress: c/o Signe Nature - fringe jacket: c/o Shein - cowboy boots: Stradivarius - wide brim hat: Zalando
I wore this 70s Americana inspired outfit on the weekend, when my sister and her boyfriend came over to have dinner together and check out the changes we've been making to our living room. My sister and I are both going through this phase of redecorating our living spaces to make it more "our own", so we've been having a lot of fun boucing ideas off of each other. Whenever my baby sis comes over I ask her to take some pictures because she's great at it, and we stumbled upon this gorgeous fallen tree that made for the perfect backdrop to the look. One of my favourite outfits in a long time!

white peasant midi dress
 Saturday September 21st
dress: c/o Shein - mules: c/o RAS shoes - basket: Dille en Kamille - sunglasses: c/o Shein

These pics were shot by my mom on a Saturday where the two of us ran some errands, went thrifting and spent some much needed mother-daughter time together. The older I get, the closer I grow to my mom and the more we understand each other. This particular day, we bonded over how stressed out we get over making a stain on new clothes and feeling like a failure because of small stuff like that. I got not one but two lipstick stains on this gorgeous dress that day, and my mom helped me wash em out. A great day.

denim shorts, pearl handbag and white tee
 Sunday September 22nd
tee: c/o Sarenza - shorts: c/o Lee jeans - pearl handbag: c/o Shein - sandals: c/o Wonders

An easy outfit I wore to enjoy some of the last beautiful Indian summer weather. We worked on the roof this particular day, prepping our chimney to be more water resistant. Is this adult life? I believe so.

fall outfit with pleated skirt, blazer, polkadot tights and platform boots
 Wednesday September 25th
blazer: Zara - skirt: vintage via Think Twice - tights: Calzedonia - boots: c/o Wonders - handbag: Kate Spade NY - top: c/o Sienna & Lois

I wore this outfit to the office. It's been sort of humid and rainy and surprisingly warm in Belgium (but also not warm enough for bare legs), so these fishnet stockings are the best way to deal with this weird weather. Tights dry sooner than trousers, and fishnets still provide some breeziness when the weather warms up in the afternoon. BTW these platform boots are my faaaaav and I've been wearing them ALL the time. So fun with dresses as well as trousers and perfect on rainy days!

fall outfit with plaid maxi dress
Thursday September 26th
dress: c/o S. Oliver (50 years anniversary collection) - hat: Zalando - boots: c/o Wonders

I only wore this look for a little bit because I wanted to photograph this dress, the light was just right, and these awesome bales of hay were put out on the square in front of our home for a harvest festival taking place in the upcoming weekend. I got SO many compliments on this dress and I do think it's a gorgeous piece. I love the strategic placement of the pleats and the colours in the Madras print.

fall outfit with cropped sweater and snake print
 Saturday September 28th
Dress: Mango - cropped sweater: c/o Shein - handbag: Kate Spade NY

And yes, I used the bales of hay as a backdrop again, duh. Another maxi dress I love, although this one has a bit of a weird connotation for me because it's the one I was wearing the day I was let go from my previous job. Still one of the worst days of my life. But it's a great dress, and I've also worn it visiting Lille with my love, so I'm not going to let one crappy day spoil it. The cropped chenille sweater is also a great buy btw at just €16! I'm contemplating getting it in more colours since it's so perfect. Btw if you're planning a Shein order, use my code "stylingdutchman" to get 10% off any order over 65€.

PS: the warmer weather is truly gone now, so I'm mentally preparing for what feels like a year of cold, dark and rainy days. Sadface. I mean I love my boots and cardis, but I'll miss my shorts and mules a lot. I just received these braided mules and this denim skirt and I won't be able to wear them until next year probably :'( oh well!

Hope you like this type of post!

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