Floral Blouse, Denim Shorts, Orange Scarf

shirt: c/o Oasap - shorts: Levi's cut offs via Think Twice vintage - boots: c/o Sacha - scarf: H&M - bracelet: Efteling gift shop - ring: Diamanti Per Tutti

Last of the bare-legs-with-shorts-outfits for the rest of the year? Who knows yo, we might stumble into one hell of an Indian Summer in two weeks! Yep, I'm staying positive. Even though I'm not really that sad about Autumn creeping in. I apologize for the mega cliché boring as fuck blogger talking about the weather thing, but what can I say: we are just not that interesting! Haha. No but for real, I just spent an afternoon chilling on the couch with wildlife documentaries, my boyfriend and a blanket. How can you not see the good in that? I'll gladly sacrifice shorts and bare legs for months of snuggling up, hot chocolate and hot water bottles in bed. Also, better tv-shows! UGH don't you just hate summer? Lol j/k

Anyway, outfit! The scarf is like, my favourite new addition to my wardrobe. I bought it about two months ago and I wear it almost daily. Light but big enough to keep you toasty with its mAgiCal isolation skillz, and the bright tomato orange has got me wrapped around its little (non existent) finger since I bought that one COS dress. The blouse is new, from OASAP, and I love its vibrant print and its breathable (is that how you say it?) cotton fabric. Yeay for circulation, AMIRITE?

You ready for fall?


  1. Great minds think alike, don't sue me, I totally didn't copy paste that :D Snuggling is the best!
    Love how this outfit, even though bare legs and shorts, is a nice transition from Summer to Fall.
    Nice top too!


  2. Die sjaal complementeert uw bloes zoo goed! Match made in heaven :)
    Naomi, x

  3. I love that shirt, oh my goodness!

    This whole outfit is lovely, though I saw in later posts you were in a very snuggly (but stylish) coat so I'm guessing the last of summer is saying good bye now....

  4. I am sooooo in love with this look. That shirt is amazing.