Sweatshirt, Skater Skirt and Flowers

Boy, have I been slacking off the last few days! About time for another blogpost. I just found these pictures I still had lying around from august. Since the weather has improved over the past few days and the forecasts are predicting temperatures around 20°C, I guess this bare legs outfit is still kinda appropriate. Especially if you live somewhere warm. I mean, not EVERYONE lives in Belgium aka sadsville (j/k).

So, outfittime!

flats: Sacha - sweatshirt, skater skirt: ASOS - wicker box bag: Zara - ring: Diamanti Per Tutti

Taken when the sun was already low and golden, a beautiful late afternoon. I had favourited the skater skirt for about four or three months now, and I'm so happy I bought it when it got marked down. It really is pretty much the perfect skater skirt, and I'm not even a big fan of the look in general. Too cutesy! But this thick knit jersey version is perfect because of the way it falls. Thick, heavier fabrics are key when it comes to skater skirt silhouettes, a thin fabric gives off a very cheap and juvenile vibe with this garment. It looks like denim but it is a stretchy knit, which makes it so much more comfortable. Yeay!

The top is a winner as well. The fit is perfect, I love boxy tops. I feel like they are flattering and work with basically any kind of bottom out there: skater skirts, pencil skirts, maxi skirts, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans. You name it, it works! Another great purchase at only 10€. Annnnd it has raglan sleeves, my FAVOURITE kind of sleeve! I don't know why, but halter tops and raglan sleeves just look very good on me so I always look for those shapes when shopping.

Just some of the stuff that goes on in my mind when thinking about my clothes, I guess. Is that interesting to read for you or couldn't you care less? I like thinking and reading about the "logics" and theory about when certain things "work" and some things don't. But maybe you just want me to stfu, you know? Tell me!

PS: weekend almost over, boo :(


  1. what een cutie ben je!!! en idd ik dacht echt dat het denim was!

  2. Idd, vrij cutesy, maar nog net cool genoeg. En jah, we weten het al, boxy tops, you love them :p
    At least you're slacking a few days, I feel like I've been slacking for the past few months, boeehoe.


  3. ma uw outfits zijn toch elke keer pareltjes <3

  4. Wat een vrolijke outfit! Jij hebt precies niet veel last van de Belgische grillen ;)

  5. schattig rokje :) en ik ga de zomermaanden toch missen!

  6. Quality not quantity stijl XD Merci é!

  7. Wonderful pics! Sweet sweet outfit esp the flats :)

  8. Super cute outfit!
    Nog even genieten van de zon nu!


  9. I love skater skirts! But then again, while wearing my favorite one this summer, I was estimated 16 years old. So I get the juvenile part. And I absolutely love reading your posts, so please never stop writing like you do ;)