Levi's Wedgie fit: a review (and a love affair)

Levi's Wedgie fit: a review (and a love affair)

According to my estimates, about a bajillion articles have been published about how to find the perfect pair of jeans for your body shape. Now, I am a pretty big opponent of the whole ridiculous idea that one should dress a certain way because of their body type. It's just clothes, man, and you don't owe it to anyone to look your "best", whatever that may be (your skinniest? your sexiest? your least offensive?). 

Still, the right garment can absolutely make you feel like a million bucks, and there is one pair of denim trousers that completely changed my core wardrobe. I have always felt best in skirts and dresses, with trousers playing second fiddle. However, when I first slipped on Levi's Wedgie fit jeans, I knew I had found my perfect fit (pun intended), which immediately upgraded them to the status of can't-live-without wardrobe piece. Over the past year, my style has absolutely changed  because of my discovery of the Wedgie fit Levi's, and that's a big enough deal to warrant a blogpost I reckon!

I don't even remember when I first read about the Wedgie fit. Probably somewhere during the time when Kylie Jenner was still incredibly cool and ahead of the curve in every way, instead of being known as a girl with tragically low romantic standards. Kylie featuring the Wedgie fit on her social media was enough for everyone to be obsessed with the style. 

Levi's Wedgie fit: a review (and a love affair)

The Wedgie is basically a high waisted, slightly cropped, slim fit, straight leg trouser with a raw hem, and a shape that is cut to cup your butt and slightly separate your butt cheeks. Sort of like a bra. Also, the pocket placement emphasizes that coveted inverted heart shape. In short, an updated version of those vintage Levi's 501 and 505s that are so popular with the impossibly cool thrift store crowd.

I'm also big on thrifted denim, but the search for your size and your perfect fit in the perfect wash is kind of like Prince Charming's search for Cinderella to fit the glass slipper: a lot of work. And you might be tempted to cut some toes and heels along the way. I found plenty of high waisted vintage denim with a looser straight fit leg, but since I have a rather straight waist with narrow hips and skinny legs, these always fit more like a boyfriend jean on me. You need to have more thigh to fill those out perfectly. Enter the Wedgie fit jeans, which has a slimmer leg and a slightly more modern fit. I immediately ordered them when they were finally marked down on Zalando.

Anyway, I keep rambling but I should really move onto some pics. First, let me demonstrate the fact that I have a rather small butt. It's perky, but nowhere near Kardashian/Jenner level.

These pics are old, but I rarely snapped pics showing off my butt before I discovered the Wedgie fit. And my body shape has hardly changed. Anyway: narrow hips, small butt, skinny thights: you get the picture. Now let's compare that to how I look in the Levi's Wedgie fit.

Levi's Wedgie fit: a review (and a love affair)

Do you see why I was instantly obsessed? This is not what my butt generally looks like in pants! This is a whole 'nother butt! A noteworthy butt! My waist is emphasized, my butt is cupped, and the style has that retro/vintage look that just goes perfectly with my general aesthetic. Also, that cropped leg is exactly the length I prefer my trousers to be. Great with chelsea boots or cute socks.

The first pair of Wedgies I ordered was black, 99% cotton and 1% elastane, and a size 27. I'm generally a size 27 in denim (a 36/38 in regular EU sizes), and I was afraid the trousers might be too tight in the waist because I have more of a straight up and down shape. However, after a day of wear I noticed the trousers had loosened up quite a bit. Hence, the next pairs of Wedgies I ordered were all a size down from what I usually wear. 

For the 99% cotton ones, this means they are rather tight when I first button them up but they adjust to my body perfectly after a couple of hours. The 100% cotton styles (differs from wash to wash) don't loosen up as much, so unless you're OK with wearing super tight trousers, I wouldn't size down in those. For reference, the Wedgies I'm wearing in the pic above are the Joshua Tree wash and 100% cotton, making them my tightest pair. I don't wear those when I'm planning to sit down a lot.

Levi's Wedgie fit: a review (and a love affair)

And these are my other three pairs. No, I do not have a problem, these are simply the only pants I have any interest in wearing anymore. All three pairs are 99% cotton, and the ones on the left are my favs. They fit me best, and I always love a light wash denim. This is also the pair I'm wearing in the first pic featured in this post.

All of my girlfriends who have tried the Wedgie fit based on my excitement have been converted as well, and they all have different body shapes. To me, this is the ultimate pair of denim. I never knew my butt could look like this, and I honestly question why low waist denim was ever popularized. Did someone think that constantly having to hike up your pants and cutting your butt in half was a good look? HOW?

Anyway, if you ever have the chance, I highly recommend trying the Wedgie fit. I'm pretty sure you'll fall in love.

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