Review: Slime Time Alphabet Nail Decals

Hey there! I'm currently reclining on my couch, huddled in a big scarf underneath a blanket because I really need to get used to this autumnal weather again. Chilly nights be cramping my style, man. But it is perfect blogging weather. Just think about it: it gets dark early, so you don't have anything better to do than crash on the couch and surf the interwebz. You are depressed about summer being over and you're in the need of a pick me up or some fall inspiration, so you start reading your regular blogs/webshops. You see something that is so cute it drags you out of your funk, so you say "fuck it, I'm buying that". Et voila, perfect blogging conditions!

I caved for some funky nail decals about a month ago. Nail decals are basically nail stickers. Like, stickers for your nails. Nail art for lazy people who still want to look flawless. My order from SaraMLyons finally arrived last week and I obviously had to stick that shit onto my nails pronto. I ordered the red slime time alphabet because they are kind of like a non-committal alternative to knuckle tattoos.

RAD, riiiiight? It works like this: 
  • you give your nails a light coloured base coat, because nail decal will show up best on a light base. Be sure to let your base coat dry completely.
  • cut out your nail decals as close to the design as possible
  • peel off the transparent film
  • place the decal on your nail, tacky side (the side where the transparent film used to be) down
  • press down firmly, especially on the edges of your sticker. The pressure makes the decal stick to your nail
  • if your decal won't stick to your nail, grab the wooden spatula that came with the stickers and use it to smooth down the decal. The technique that worked best for me was to sort of "roll" the spatula from one side of your nail to the other, in a seesaw motion.

the pot of honey is your nail, and the seesaw is the spatula.

  • when the decal sticks to your nail rather than the transfer paper it was on, carefully peel off the paper
  • seal with a top coat, et voila! FANCY NAILS.
End result:

The second picture was taken on the third day. My decals lasted me four days, but if you top up your top coat every day they should last even longer. The stickers will easily come off when you remove your nail polish. Party time! Excellent!

So, nail decals, have you tried them? Are you a fan?