Leopard and Floral, Nighttime Photography

coat, dress: Zara - sweater: thrifted - boots: c/o Steve Madden

Hi babes! I'm fidgeting around on my couch stressing about starting my second job tomorrow so I'm trying to focus my thoughts on other things, like blogging for instance. I wore this outfit to go thrifting with my mom and sis last Friday. Among the loot: this particular ruby red cable knit sweater. Gorgeous color and soooo soft and warm! Great find for 3€. My other finds were a white raincoat, a pastel pink floral sweater, a striped cropped cardigan (super 90s) and a plushy teddy coatigan (coat-cardigan, such a ridiculous word). They'll probably all make an appearance on the blog soon.

This coat is the product of my mom's sewing skillz: she shortened it for me because I thought its normal length was just a bit too much on my frame, and I love it even more know! It was a great decision which she executed to perfection and I'm super stoked. Even better than buying a new coat because you're not acquiring more crap, just making your existing wardrobe fit you and your tastes better.

And aren't these pictures beautiful? Twilight can be seriously photogenic if you have the tools to capture the streetlights and vivid colours accurately. My sister's awesome camera and skills got us these results, which I am a tiny bit in love with.

Btw, if you want to keep up with my silly life, family time, cats, food and thrifting excursions, my instagram is the place to be. I'm @stylingdutchman.

Anyway, I'm off to settle down and prepare for tomorrow. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck, I'm sure you'll do great :)

  2. I wish you good luck! How exciting that you will be working for Uni. That's awesome indeed. As those twilight pics!
    (LOVE these boots! cutie and badass alltogether)

  3. I'm not one who's very keen on animal prints but I sure like to see others wearing it. You make it look so pretty and you definitely made the right choice to alter the jacket to fit you =)

  4. De foto's zijn echt cool! Wie dacht dat een bus zo cool kan zijn?!

  5. riiight? Savonds met die natte straten waren de achterlichten echt mooi!

  6. what a lovely thrift find on that sweater and such a deal! what will your new second job be in? I love that coat long on you but it looks great short as well. did you keep the extra fabric? it could be a cool stoll or something. hannah from the braided bandit made a scarf from a dress hem like that a while ago. you sis seriously is an awesome photographer!! i can never get pics to look decent at this hour and btw... what are you doing standing right in front of a bus!?!?

  7. I love the light in these pictures and your coat looks fantastic at this length. I really like the mix of leopard print and floral too. I don't think I've ever tried that combination, but I may need to soon!

  8. haha I'm standing behind a bus and it wasn't about to leave just yet, I was safe! :D And I DID keep the fabric, was thinking of making some kind of ear warmer out of them. My second job is as a part time researcher at my former university for four months, very exciting and stressful :D


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