Leopard Coat, Mother-of-Pearl Skinnies

leopard coat: Zara - sweater: Ebay - metallic skinnies, scarf: H&M - boots: Forever21

These skinnies are SICK, right? Like mermaid pants! You might remember I featured these on my sales wishlist, and I just about let out a tiny little squeal when I spotted some in my size still lying around in the sales. Truth be told, I love these so much I would have just bought them at full price too, but I'd missed them before the sales so I thought I wouldn't have a chance at acquiring a pair of my own. SO glad I did! They are seriously the most whimsical, multicolor shade of mother-of-pearl-esque metallic which makes them one of the most eye catching, crush inducing pairs of legwear I ever encountered.

This entire outfit is FAB in my opinion but I was actually going for a simple, minimalist-glamrock look with the tan booties, blue eyeshadow and white sweater (see: the 7th pic). I just grabbed the first coat and scarf that sort of worked and I ended up with this. Still glamrock, not very minimalist. Sometimes, haphazard layering does work. OR DOES IT?

My eyeshadow is Barry M's Dazzle dust which I ordered along with my sister and a friend of hers, and it's safe to say that I am in love. I'll do an in depth review one of these days! THE perfect blue eyeshadow, and lord knows it wasn't easy to find.

Are you feeling this snow leopard-glamrock-metallics outfit?

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  1. In love with the combo!


  2. De combinatie is superleuk! En die leopard coat ook en die broek oooook!! en die eerste foto is keimooi! Btw rimmel heeft een zilver eyeliner potlood, lijkt me ook iets voor u! Kunt ge zo makkelijk een lijn me trekken zoals hier en dat zilver is superfris aan u ogen :) Dit blauw is ook echt pretty :)


  3. Amazing trousers! The colour looks fantastic against the snow

  4. Hele mooie outfit en foto's en I'm in love with the eye make-up! Blauw is echt mijn allerfavoriete kleur voor oogmake-up, of toch van lichtblauw tot turquoise (donker vind ik minder), en deze kleur is inderdaad echt een winner!


  5. Hooray for mermaid pants! Stiekem wilde ik vroeger altijd een zeemeermin zijn :)

  6. This pants are definitely whimsical. I can understand how it feels like to want something so badly =) You look absolutely great pairing everything up so well =)

  7. Love the leopard print coat, I have one similar and I love it so much

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few
    minutes spare :)




  8. These skinny jeans are so cool! I've never seen any like them. They look wonderful on you and I really love how your makeup compliments them.

  9. Die zijn echt gek cool :O hopelijk gaat het er niet af door te wassen. Sowieso best binneste buiten en niet te warm wassen.