Luello + your feedback

Hey guys, I was featured on today! Be sure to check out this awesome contest they have going on, you can win a 5000$ shopping spree if you're from the US, Canada or the UK!

I want to thank you for your feedback on my last post. If you haven't checked it out yet, be sure to do so! I've been loving the comments I have been receiving up 'til now. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from my stylish, eloquent readers:

Even though people do pay me for my advice, and my blog is attached to my business, I don't like to do "what NOT to do" lists, and try to be as positive as possible.
- Laurel

I am plus size and rock bandage mini skirts, shorts, and short dresses, showing off my thick thighs. But I wear what I love and like. Fashion is not set in stone. Fashion and style is in the eye of the beholder.
- Sarah

So, we should wear whatever we want basically not go off of just fashion, like a midi, maxi dress, etc? Who even knew what the heck that was 10 years ago but women have always been wearing long dresses.
- Dusana

Also, I pretty much operate outside the bounds of fashion at this point... I buy what I love and looks good on my shape.
 - Leilani

Its YOUR body and you can dress it however you want and this is your blog to share your own style. i got told the other day that i probably should stop wearing maxi skirts and dresses because they make me look too short...i know it wasnt meant to be bitchy and was just "advice" but i seriously hate all that dressing for your body is literally the one thing i dont think about when getting dressed..sure i may whack on a pair of high heels from time to time but not because I should, but because i want to. Wear what makes you happy....anything goes! :)

 - Naomi

Fashion is mental. At the end of the day, if I feel good in what I'm wearing, then I will wear it, thank you very much.
- Caramellattekiss

And I particularly loved this one:
you do not have the same fashion track as me, but let me tell you: you are doing a damn good job regarding to your fashion track.

 - Mrs. K

I have the best readers in the world :-) I get so inspired by the awesome personalities that read my blog and comment on it. I love you guys. I recommend ALL the blogs of my commenters to my readers by the way, check each other out because you are sure to find gems. Your styles inspire me on a daily basis and I have tiny girlcrushes on each of you.

And now for my inevitable outfit!

Y'all know I love my 50s and 60s, but I don't mind a slice of the 70s from time to time either! Just believe me when I say I'll never venture into the 80s. That shizz just isn't my thang. The weather has gotten sadly more spring appropriate the past few days after a few weeks of summery bliss, and immediately I start dressing like it's fall again. Ugh, so hard to find a way to make transitional dressing springy instead of autumnal! Any tips?

sweater: H&M
skirt: T2 vintage
clogs: New Look
headband: Etsy (littlehoneypies)
ring: Alex Monroe
necklace: Pimkie


  1. I love this! That sweater is gorgeous, I just adore the print and it's perfect with this skirt! Going to check out now, congrats :) xx

  2. Love that sweater, and the necklace is just awesome!

  3. Oh, and congrats on your feature at Luello!

  4. such a brilliant look from top to toe.
    lovelovelove it!

  5. oh my my, that skirt is to die for- and you styled it perfectly...lovely!

  6. love love love and love tht necklace, and i found so georgeous that nails one in every colour love it!!!
    kisses my beloved!!!

  7. That skirt looks so lovely on you. I want to steal your clothes.

    C x

  8. i love the cropped top with that blue skirt :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  9. Fantastisch look! Ik zou het zelf niet bedacht hebben om de trui met de rok te combineren, maar het werkt écht.

  10. I love the flowers in your hair and that sweater! Your faces are great too :).

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  11. Ooh congrats on the feature, sooo exciting!! And I looove the outfit!!! The sweater is great :D

  12. I actually think this is a great transitional outfit; you have both spring (the floral wreath) and fall (the patterned sweater) elements. It's such a beautiful, interesting look; I love your multicolored nails and amazing clogs. And thanks for the reader-love! I think I speak for all of us when I say the feeling in mutual. :)

  13. You and midi length skirts go together like peanut butter and jelly!! They look perfect on you:) And the sweater is adorbs!

  14. Aw, Annebeth, this is awwesome! You're like a 70s child in that sweater, crown and necklace. Ace. ; )

  15. I love how this look is definitely fit for spring with the 70s vibe :) I think the best way to make transitional pieces perfect for spring would be with the color palette. You rock amazing colors, especially pastel and brights. Just embrace a bit of that with your transition pieces and you are good to go. However, I must say you do a pretty damn good job of dressing and I definitely am inspired by you!

    Sarah Jane R.

  16. that outfit is so cute!

  17. Love this everything about this outfit. The sweater with the awesome pattern The burst of hot pink underneath. Mostly the skirt and its color/shape/length/etc. etc. etc. Great look :)

  18. i love how you paired that sweater with that skirt and heels lady. casually classy if thats even a term

  19. thanks girl! it is my pleasure and i only write the truth (at least my truth). now, let me tell you something about your fashion track. i love love love the sweater, i really need to have that one, it is gorgeous. i am so in love with the print. it looks amazing with the deep dark blue of the skirt. the sweater is not easy to wear because of the shape but you have nailed it, it looks phenomenal

  20. I totally agree with them, style is personal. Remember what Yves Saint Laurent said: "Fashion fades, style is eternal", so wear what you want to wear and love it because it makes you who you are!


  21. Heel leuke outfit! Inderdaad het is niet gemakkelijk om je nu niet te herfstachtig te kleden, maar je hebt blote benen dus laten we toch zeggen dat het een lente outfit is ;).

  22. I think I need to go to H&M, that sweater is soo nice!! I love it in combo with the necklace and your nails!! VERY chic!!

    I loved reading the comments of your visitors, will visit them too asap :)

  23. I like the sweater, looks so cool!

  24. Mooie kleur van je rok & de lippen vind ik best grappig :)

  25. This is one of my favourite outfits so far, great job on the 70s vibe, tho you're more of a Mad Men girl as you say yourself :) I love the mix of the skirt and cropped top, the whole looks fun and yet chique!

    Also congrats on the feature and many comments! I agree that you should wear what you like, people have been telling me Hello Kitty is for kids all my life and I still rock that kitten on my accessoiries :D Same goes for colours that supposedly don't go together, lengths (I recently bought a midi skirt and some people weren't thrilled about it, but I like it!) etcetera!

    As Oscar Wilde was fond of saying "There's no such thing as bad publicity" or in the equally literate 50 Cent's words: "Go 'head switch the style up. If the niggas hate then let 'em hate & watch the money pile up" x

  26. loooooove this outfit!! looking stunning Annebeth, love the combo of the skirt with the top. Got your pictures by the way ;) xxxx

  27. This skirt/sweater combi is to die for! Love the fit :)

  28. You're so pretty :) I love those clogs, and the flowers in your hair!

  29. Tweeted about it but forgot to post here- thanks for the "reader love" as I saw someone wrote above! You really did make my night! It's funny too because right after I hit post I was like, wait, was that coherent?
    Congrats on your feature and keep up the great work! Love your sweater-"business skirt" & clogs combo!

  30. Je hebt stijl, maar je volgt niet slaafs de trends. Dàt is wat jou zo leuk maakt! Je weet wat je mooi vindt, en wat bij je lichaam past en dat straal je ook uit.

  31. lovely!!
    i love the shoes!

  32. You and midi length skirts go together like peanut butter and jelly!! They look perfect on you:) And the sweater is adorbs!

  33. Fantastisch look! Ik zou het zelf niet bedacht hebben om de trui met de rok te combineren, maar het werkt écht.