Home: Christmas 2015

Not the most exciting post of the year, but sometimes it's nice to just share a bit of personal Christmassy coziness. Whenever I see one of my social media contacts sharing their Christmas decor, I zoom in and hit that "like" button, because nothing fills my heart with glee like sharing the holiday spirit with ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE. I'm one of those weirdos who can actually enjoy shopping during the most insanely busy time of year, right before the holidays, because standing in line and shuffling along behind families and elderly couples just makes me realize that everyone around me is preparing to spend the most wonderful time of the year with their loved ones.

So here is a little peak into our holiday home. Our Christmas tree this year is a total beauty, I think we haven't ever had a tree that had all the right curves in all the right places like this one. As always, it's decked out in a motley of old and new ornaments in all of the colours you can imagine.

I also made a Christmas wreath with some leftover decorations and tree clippings, and I spruced up our cupboard with a big fat candle set in the middle of a Christmas ball wreath, and one of those irresistible Ikea STRÅLA star shaped lamps. So pretty. And of course, I've been wearing my Ugg Selene booties non stop. I'm a total cliché. But that's what the holidays are about right?

Happy holidays, everyone!

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