Collaboration: CityLife app and Maison Retro

Hi guys! This post is a sponsored collaboration with CityLife, a customer loyalty app which I will tell you all about if you keep on reading. Keep in mind that I do not accept sponsored content from advertisers I do not fully support, and I am 100% behind the app and the store I will be writing about today, so don't let the disclaimer deter you from reading on!

Getting to the point: CityLife is a service that makes shopping a bit easier, a bit more organized, and a bit more rewarding. It was designed to deal with the frustration of having a wallet full of customer loyalty cards (klantenkaarten) that you tend to forget to use because you either didn't bring the right wallet, or can't find the right one, or don't remember whether you are a member at the store where you are shopping.

Summed up, Citylife is a digital customer loyalty program that is available as a classic card or as an app (you install it on your phone, adding no bulk to your wallet) that combines all the cards of all of your favourite shops (or at least the ones who have made the decision to work with CityLife) in one go. Every store that works with CityLife has a small tablet near the cash register that scans your card's or app's QRcode before making your purchase, logging you in and registering your acquired points.

CityLife doesn't just reduce the mess, it also adds a little bonus: it stimulates the shops that work with it to provide little rewards for those loyal customers that have saved up points using the app (something not all stores do spontaneously). In addition, CityLife conveniently lists the gifts, discounts or benefits your collected points will get you once you reach a certain threshold. Talk about getting more than you bargained for (but in a good way)!

The program is already omnipresent in Hasselt and Leuven (see which stores use CityLife here by clicking your hometown), and now it is branching out to my fave Belgian city: Antwerp. CityLife has just made the jump to Antwerp, so they're still expanding their portfolio, but over the last week I've already noticed a huge increase and I have no doubt that the number of participating stores will keep growing.

I was invited to try out the app by visiting one of the Antwerp stores that have already signed on, and I instantly knew I wanted to drop by Maison Retro, an adorable little boutique slash boudoir that combines retro inspired but contemporary fashion with beauty (hair and makeup). I may not wear vintage as often as I used to, but I still have a deep fondness for the aesthetic. Annick (aka Ms. Indiana Jane) opened this store only recently, but when you walk in you can't help but be impressed by the eye for detail and the cozy atmosphere she has created in such a short time. The love she poured into it is evident.

 (I'll always have love for people with unusual haircolours)

The store itself is small, but the dressing room and boudoir area is spacious and gorgeously decorated: definitely the type of shop where you wouldn't mind spending an entire afternoon!

Maison Retro tries to set itself apart from other retro shops in two ways, in its boutique and in its boudoir:

First, in the boutique, Maison Retro makes a difference by staying away from the cliché. Annick says NO to cherry prints, and doesn't want to limit her offering to the obviously retro, but is striving for a collection that invokes glamorous feminine elegance that follows current fashions rather than repeating the same old motives that make it so hard to tell apart a typical retro frock from 2015 from one made in 2005. Color me intrigued! She's still working on expanding her brand portfolio to fit her vision, but this girl knows what she wants.

Second, Maison Retro offers the total boudoir experience: you can make a beauty appointment to get your hair and make up taken care of, go with a group of friends for a workshop on retro beauty, or you can even book a photoshoot! Really cool stuff, great for wedding packages if you ask me. Btw, Annick also sets you up with a seamstress if you want to have a garment custom made. Talk about the total package!

I obviously couldn't walk into a shop like that without trying on some pretty frocks. Don't mind my rained on, wind swept hair plz.

This little blue floral dress immediately stood out to me because of its pretty colour and pattern. Sadly, despite loving the fit and flare silhouette, it doesn't do much for my body shape. I always feel a bit like a little girl when I'm wearing one of these, and because I'm pretty broad shouldered, the armholes generally fit too snug if the rest of the dress fits. The high neckline also tends to make my top half look a bit too square. Still, an absolutely lovely dress, if not for me.

The next one, though, I wouldn't mind calling my own!

The seafoam green lace, the figure skimming fit, the flattering neckline and the midi hem: this one is a hit. Its 160€ pricetag deterred me from taking it home without a second thought, but you can bet your ass I will be dropping by during the sales to see if this beauty is still available.

Summing up: Maison Retro is a new go-to destination for lovers of the retro aesthetic who are sick of the same old clichés, and I can't wait to see what other shops and restaurants join CityLife's portfolio!

Let's end with an obligatory cheesy picture.

pictures by Annabel and me

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