Whatever Forever

oakley frogskins bomber jacket levi's shorts
oakley frogskins whatever forever tshirt bomber denim shorts
zign sandals zalando
whatever forever Tshirt levi's shorts
red lipstickbomber levi's shorts oakley frogskins

bomber cardigan: COS (boyfriend's) - shorts: vintage Levi's - whatever forever t-shirt: c/o OASAP - sandals: Zalando - sunglasses: Oakley Frogskins

I've been very absent the past days, and I do apologize. Life has been quite busy, as I've been swamped with important PhD work: for startes, I've been preparing my first completed paper which I'll be presenting at a conference in London next week. Additionally, I'm designing and reworking a code book for a content analysis, which as you might now is a HUGE pain in the ass filled with second guessing yourself and losing your way in your own attempts at logic. Finally, this week I'll be having my first PhD commission meeting with my PhD council, so that's sort of a big moment as well.

Anyway, I've been keeping busy!

The past week or so has been filled with alternating periods of gorgeous summer weather (which makes hard work that much more bearable) as well tempestuous hail storms, both of which seems to symbolize my life nicely. Last night was especially stressful, as the roof started leaking and our cats were still outside. If you know how big the hail chunks were, you know why we were worried sick. Luckily, the cats all returned safely (albeit slightly traumatized), and the only lasting damage to our property were dents in our car. Not great, but not awful either.

Enough about my life! On to the outfit: this T-shirt doesn't need words to describe its awesomeness. I paired it with red lips and my red Oakley Frogskins to make the outfit a tiny bit less casual, and topped the whole thing off with my boyfriend's perfect knit bomber jacket from COS. I've been stealing my boyfriend's jackets a lot lately, and I wish I didn't have to give this one back as I've been in love with it ever since he bought it. This outfit has a sort of laid back preppy surfer vibe which I totally enjoy.

ANYWAY, how's life been treating YOU? Any hail storm damage?


  1. Zo'n leuke outfit!
    Mijn kat zat thuis en is nog steeds getraumatiseerd door het hele gebeuren. Hopelijk is het ergste voorbij :O
    Succes in London city!

  2. Yep, car is also damaged over here (here = Antwerp City)!
    Thank god the cats are safe :)

  3. Ohneeee kei erg! En ben je verzekerd?

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  4. Love this outfit! Also, PhD work sounds like a pain in the ass. I went to graduate school and had to do a thesis project but I'm sure it's nowhere near PhD level work. Good luck to you. PS your hair looks amazing here!

  5. it's both incredibly taxing and incredibly awesome, definitely filled with rapid successions of highs and lows :D thank you!

  6. Geen omnium-verzekering dus ik vrees dat we de kosten niet gaan terugkrijgen... Ach ja, er zijn (nog) ergere dingen zeker :-D! Bedankt vr de interesse :-), X

  7. toch erg! ik voel met je mee! :(

  8. Awesome outfit! Hope the phd is going well :)

  9. Ik hoop dat je ondertussen wat meer kan uitrusten, maar jij bent met zo'n coole dingen bezig!
    Zalige vest, ik ga ook eens bij mijn vriend zijn kleren neuzen denk ik ;)
    Naomi, x