Crop Top, Midi Skirt, Clogs

white purse floral skirt orange clogs
crop top midi skirt clogs cat eye sunglasses
midi skirt clogs white pursecrop top midi skirt cat eye sunglasses
floral skirt white purse diamanti per tutti ring
cat eye sunglasses halter top
crop top midi skirt clogs cat eye sunglasses

cropped halter top, cat eye sunglasses: ASOS - floral midi skirt: vintage - orange clogs: H&M - purse: Emmy Wieleman - ring: Diamanti Per Tutti

Meet two of my new favourite garments: this skirt I picked up for 2€ at the monthly Think Twice vintage sale, and this black ribbed halter top that is currently being sold at 8.45€ a pop in different colours at ASOS. I love it so much that I've since ordered it in pink, and I might get it in mint, navy and/or white as well. I find halter tops very flattering and comfortable, and this top is especially great since the fabric and the seams make sure the garment maintains its shape rather than flaring around the waist area as crop tops often do. 

Btw, in case you're wondering what bra to wear with these tops, I have a couple of these soft layering bras from Forever21 that are comfortable as SHIT (well, I suspect they are more comfortable than shit) and I basically wear them every single day because they are cool and fun. They produce a very nice line underneath these halter tops since the straps are placed perfectly, more to the middle than with regular bras. The straps only peek out now and then, but not in a way that bothers me. Much more comfortable than strapless bras. Also, when it gets hot and you want to take off your top, you basically still have a crop top underneath: SCORE! They'll serve me well until I find a halter bra I like (and doesn't show too much underneath slinky jersey tops).


  1. Die tas vind ik echt geweldig!

  2. I love the shape of that crop top! I'd just wear a racerback bra underneath it. That shouldn't show. It's such a versatile piece! I'm loving those brightly-colored shoes too!

  3. ah yeah OBVIOUSLY that would be the best kind of bra. I totally forgot about it because we don't have a name for racerback in dutch :-D I need one! I used to have a great one as a teen but obviously that one perished.