O'Neill Footwear Sessions

You might not know this about me, but apart from my huge big love for pop acts Lady Gaga, Azealia Banks and Robyn, I've also always been a bit of a rock chick. The first band I fell in love with at the age of 9 were the Beatles, and after that my tastes developed in all kinds of directions. One of those directions was stonerrock. I have quite some love for Monster Magnet, Queens of the Stone Age and the founding fathers of the genre: Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath is totally a completely underestimated band, yo. And Ozzy is more than that one dude that once bit off a bat's head. Btw did you know Ozzy only spiralled out of control after his best friend and bandmate Randy Rhoads died in a plane crash? So think again when you laugh at him!

ANYWAY, proof: me in (one of my) Monster Magnet shirts after their gig last year at the Lokerse Feesten.

Holla for leaving the top button of your denim undone because of too much festival food!

So, now that we've established that I'm cool, back to The Point: O'Neill (which was coincidentally the brand of the first swimsuit I remember buying with my mom) hosted a cool event last Saturday in its Antwerp shop combining two of my favourite things: shoes, and music. More specifically, a softer, singer songwriter vibe inspired by stonerrock, brought to you by Ian Clement.

Unfortunately, I was gone to London on a conference (I bet you're sick of me going on about that - NOT THAT MUCH HAPPENS TO ME OK) but if I'd been in Antwerp that day, I totally would have popped in. Free show! Free cd with any shoe purchase! That's the basic deal with all of these planned events, btw. Shop and get stuff for free. O'Neill has got one last gig coming up in Antwerp so if you missed this one and if you love funk-rap-pop-rock (think Red Hot Chili Peppers, whom I also love) do drop by for Chef'Special's show.

Oh, and I'd get these if I were you. Or one of O'Neill's amazing swimsuits, like this one.


  1. Ha ik wou net zeggen dat ik je niet heb gezien, tot ik las dat je niet in het land was :p
    Mooi concert!
    Naomi, x

  2. :( nu vind ik het nog jammerder