Purple Mascara

You know I like color. You also know I'm not afraid to try some crazy ish, stylewise. So it should come as no surprise that my newest beauty obsession (OK obsession is a strong word, but when you're a blogger you have to get with the vernicular, peepz!) isssssssssss colorful mascara. 

I remember finding blue mascara in my mom's old make up drawer when I was a young girl, and it mesmerized me. I didn't quite "get" the blue eyelashes look back then, but I've always had a thing for unnaturally colored hair so weird color eyelashes sparked my interest. Anyway, the look was out of style so I never really got any prompts to try it out myself. 

UNTIL NOW. I had some errands to run and dropped by our drugstore to get my essentials. It had been a while since I had visited a drugstore so I was totally out of the loop, and of course I had a quick look at the make up stands to see what my fave cheapie brands had come up with in the meantime. And then! I spotted WEIRD COLOR MASCARA at the 2B cosmetics stand and I was like OMG NEED 2 TRY YO. 

Apparently, it is the "colours make the difference" collection. I went for the violet tube since purple mascara would work well with my green/brown/hazel eyes, and I like it so much I totally want to try the royal blue and green as well. I don't really get the orange mascara since it probably looks freaky as hell, but I guess it might be Halloween appropriate. Oh no wait I just found a picture of orange mascara online and it actually looks kinda cool. DARNIT now I want that one too!

ANYWAY you probably want to see me put my lashes where my mouth is, so here I am wearing my new purple mascara. I took some with flash, some overexposed and some with natural light, so you can really get an idea of what this looks like.

As you can see, the mascara looks quite subtle in natural light. It looks more like a purple glow than like bright purple lashes, or as if you're wearing a bit of lilac/pink eyeshadow. It does make your eyes pop without having to make much of an effort!

I luuuuurv the way it looks overexposed + with flash, freaky but cool! Reminds me of Poison Ivy or Zelda's Great Fairy!

Flash + properly exposed: I think the real look of the purple mascara is somewhere between the picture I took with natural night, and these pictures with flash. Especially this last picture is accurate: subtle, dark but still visibly purply, creating a bit of a hazy, smokey look around the eye.

About the mascara itself: I like the formula since it's light and doesn't irritate my eyes, even though I lathered on like 3-4 layers, but the brush is too big for me. I prefer small brushes since they suceed better at separating the lashes without staining your eyelids. No matter how much I tilt my head back while brushing the mascara on, I still get some on my eyelids with big brushes. But the purple is worth it! 

I did my best to review 2B cosmetics' colours make the difference mascara in purple, hope you enjoyed it. Are you diggin' it or do you fink it's freeky and don't like it a lot?


  1. I fink it's freeky and I like it a lot! Subtiel, maar toch eens iets anders dan zwart. Wie weet probeer ik het ook wel eens :-).

  2. staat volgens mij prachtig met kort haar, super mod! :D

  3. So pretty! Very fun and different, and it accents your eye color really well :)

  4. It's true it looks funky but still being easily wearable. You might like the last Stella McCartney show where the models had colourful eyes that popped.

  5. that was one of my inspirations!