Harvest Festival, Poncho

The Sunday before last (like, two weeks ago), our town hosted a delightful little harvest festival showcasing all kinds of arts and crafts, pumpkins, farm animals and authentic farmers. I had pancakes and took pictures of EVERYTHING. It was a gorgeous, sunny fall day. And I wore a poncho.

see the one with that yellow dot on its back? That's the queen bee. Not as big as you'd think, but still fierce. LOLZ

And now the outfit!

poncho: c/o s. Oliver - boots: c/o Steve Madden - t-shirt, socks, tights, purse: H&M - shorts: Lucky Brand

And these are some the adorable pumpkins I took home.

PS: my first day at work was great. I have my own office and the day actually flew by. I am pretty sick though, so when I got home I basically collapsed on the couch for a snoring sesh.


  1. Moh, die pony's zijn te schattig! Wil uwe poncho stelen.
    Veel beterschap daar!!

  2. jouw foto's zijn altijd zo leuk! Love watching them! Leuke poncho, zal de mijne ook nog eens aan trekken een van de dagen sé :)

  3. I'm glad you took so many photos of the festivals, I'm always interested to see other cultures/countries celebrate autumn. I celebrated the season by going apple picking this past weekend, photos/a blog post to follow soon!

    I like your 1990s/grunge style look, especially the low heeled boots.

  4. Ah, I love markets! They're so fun and colorful, and the miniature horse is SO CUTE! GAH!
    Also, I love your poncho. It's pretty amazing.
    And your hair is getting so long! It's so pretty!

  5. I'm such a big fan of ponchos and I love this layered look. Also, I went to a fall fair (it was basically still just summer though and 25 C, but in any case my pictures were not at all remarkable. Well captured! I like the shot of the old man in particular.

  6. I love your boots. Feel better soon! =)

  7. I love ponchos. It's a great alternative for outerwears...


  8. How lovely!!! I adore all these photos!