Floral, Denim, Beanie

dress, jacket, earrings: H&M - boots: Texto - hat: Ebay - necklace: c/o Diamanti Per Tutti - watch: c/o Swatch - bracelet: Etsy

Another simple outfit I wore to work, sans the beanie and the denim jacket. Temperatures have been crazy high for this time of year in Belgium the past days. 21° celsius in the last week of October? Just when I'm getting in the mood for sweaters, hats and heavy coats, you throw me THIS? HMPF. At least the fallen leaves and early darkness still feel like autumn.

I just bought me some Halloween decorations for the pumpkin carving party I'm hosting next week. Not a lot, but enough to create a tiny corner of Halloween spirit in our living room. Mostly some glow in the dark insects and a string of spider shaped lights. I still need to figure out how I'll put all of it together to NOT look like a random bunch of kitschy crap, but my inner Martha Stewart will prevail! Any tips?


  1. Kei mooi kleedje! En van de nagels ook werk gemaakt; ziet er goed uit ;) En haha; wij gaan ook een halloween-feestje houden met halloween-punch met 'oogballen' in.

  2. Had het al bij de kardashians gezien; maar als je even googlet krijg je heel veel leuke ideeën; hier vind ik er bv wel leuke opstaan: http://www.girlscene.nl/lifestyle/feestdagen/overig/smullen_op_halloween
    good luck with it :D

  3. So cute! Love this outfit. :) I'm sure your decor will be fantastic!

  4. Love this outfit, as per usual. I haven't tried hosting a Halloween party. I think I'll even pass up on wearing any costumes this year.